Friday, May 18, 2007

Briefly Engaged Elsewhere

Just a quick "How ya Doin?- I'm doin fine" note to let all my fans (all 3 of them) know I am still around and hopin to get back to posting nonsense as soon as my real life settles down some. This is the season of late hours at my bikeshop. Any spare hours are dedicated to my way too big yard and aging house. And when possible, sneaking in a ride.

The prognosis is not good. A re-roofing project looks inevitable when more hours become available. G-D houses! Just when I think I have it all covered, something else breaks, leaks, or cracks.

I will return. Okay, okay, no yawning. Just thought I'd throw out a token gesture.


Unknown said...

Yikes, roofing! I hate that job!

Just dropping through, I'm going to be making another try at the UP tour in a few days, the wife got sick and we had to abort, so I'm going back up on the 1st of June for a solo ride.

Jett said...

Looking forward to future posts. I don't envy you the roofing job. I managed to always do mine at the height of the summer heat. You'll be close.