Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I just uploaded my very first image to my blog. In the column to the Right. Naturally it is an accurate rendition of myself. I really look like this. When I am not wearing the clown paint and nose, that is.

And to see if I can also muster up enough intelligence to follow idiot proof prompts, hopefully I will find another image somewhere in this post. Where will it turn up? And what will it be?

Well lookee there! Up at the top. Who's the flounder making it look like a hard climb?

Uh, that would be yours truly actually finishing a brutal 3 mile ascent at Blue Job in New Hampshire. Even the gnarly dudes have a tough time with this one.

An astute observer might ask why I am the only one in the shot? And why was there enough time to set up a tripod, mount the camera, and get the dark room ready before my muscular manly legs pumped me over the crest?

Good questions, all. I can only state that this was not staged. It is however an indication of how far off the back I was on this particular group ride.

So I have successfully reached for and attained a new level of sophistication in the blogging world. No more will I need to hang my head in shame when browsing other blogs filled with images they think help to make their points. I can stand tall now. About time.


A Midnight Rider said...

I linked to your blog thru KC-bike.
Seems we are of the same generation.
I am a regular commuter and tour rider. Nice to meet you and I'll be seeing you around.

Work on the phots, they really make a difference in our blogs. (I think).

A Midnight Rider said...

Betty Bowers????BETTY BOWERS???

Now I "know" we are going to get along. 8>)

Noah said...

*jedi mind trick*

I am not A Midnight Rider ;)

Although AMR is a fellow BFer.

--ax0n (linking to you BTW)vi7

Warren T said...

These aren't the bloggers you're looking for...

Apertome said...

Great photo! I'm glad you figured out how to post photos, I also think they make a big difference. I found your blog through a comment you made on A Midnight Rider's blog.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Looking good, MRCRUM! You're starting to get it together very nicely here! ;)

BY the way, just a little heads up, Crazylady and I are tentatively planning a TransAM next year on the Northern Tier route! We'll be coming to Maine! Scary thought, eh?

Tom Stormcrowe said...

As threatened: Naked Midget Wrestling Dwarves! :D