Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Page Cannot be Displayed

"The page cannot be displayed." Five words that will drive any net addict out of their mind. Especially after that 5th attempt to refresh. If a page doesn't come up in 5 seconds, they can get right pissy. If the download drags more than a second or two, many will lose their cool. A favorite site crashed will cause the bile to rise, the muscles tense and eyes bug out.

And to think a scant 15 years ago, the net was what geeks did instead of going to bars and pickin up women. Now your grandma is the queen of Ebay. Your Aunt Betty is gettin ready to retire to Vera Cruz after selling her 1 millionth cabbage patch knock off out of the garage next to her double wide.

It sure didn't take us long to take the Internet for granted. Instant information on an infinite number of places,people and things. The einsteins have made it almost idiot proof. I say almost because the great struggle to defeat stupidity is a never ending crusade. For every fool proof computer innovation some idiot will find a way to circumnavigate it and lock his computer up so bad, the hard drive is fried. There is a reason for those error messages bonehead.