Monday, April 17, 2006

A Couple of Tidbits in the News

A Golden Parachute for him, a Golden Shower for the rest of us

I did not catch the whole report, but it seems the retiring CEO of Exxon is going to bank about $686 million dollars as a retirement package. I'm guessing they were impressed with his performance. The news guy broke it down in this way.
~ $144 thousand something / day
~ $100.00/minute - asleep or awake

Now that's some serious jingle. Serious even at half the amount. And there are some folks who believe the oil companies are not involved in price gouging? Then what do we call the obscene profits posted over the last 2 years? An uptick in productivity and efficiency? No, they are making it the ole fashioned way, they are robbing us blind.

Sex Offenders Murdered

An odd story just unfolded in my home state the other day. It seems a man was shot to death in his home. This is not remarkable in and of itself, but a short while later not 25 miles from the first murder, another man was gunned down when he answered a knock on his door. Two murders in Maine on one day in close proximity is a big deal up here. The story became more bizarre as the day turned into night and the cops began sniffing around. Both men were convicted sex offenders. And the same colored pick up was seen at both locations. About 4 hours later a pickup was found abandoned near Bangor, Maine. It belonged to a man whose nephew, cousin or somehow related young man from Canada had borrowed it. And he was missing.

Fast forward a few hours. The Maine State Police put out an all points bulletin to New Hampshire and Massachusetts that this guy was "A person of interest in an ongoing investigation" and that he should be detained if he was located. Two cops got on a Greyhound bus in Boston and spotted him. Before they could even reach him, he killed himself.

This tragedy has all the earmarkings of a future A&E "City Confidential" written all over it. Real Life drama no TV wrter could have done a better job with. Real Life mystery Ellery Queen would be envious of. The first question is did he do it? And if so, why come down from Canada just to off a couple of convicted pedophiles in the US? Does not Canada have it's share also? Odd goings on.