Thursday, December 03, 2015

Cough and Hack

So the World's big wigs have assembled in Paris to feed lip service to the problem of Climate Change.  Some guy from China calls for the World to address this pressing Global problem, while back at home the sky over Beijing is no longer blue and the masses keep face masks ever ready to filter out the worst of the coal grit on their daily commute to and from work.

Some flounder from India calls for better technology in dealing with coal emissions before they hit the streets, while back home, India is constructing a new coal plant a month.

And now that Exxon and other big energy users and creators have been caught lying, the naysayers have finally stopped trying to use bad science to try and hoodwink us into thinking the climate is not changing.

I do not need some science guy to tell me my climate has not changed.  The weather has definitely gotten weird over the last 15 - 20 years. .............................  But then the climate is not a static phenomenon.  It has been changing since the planet's beginning.

If you believe those wacky science dweebs and agree that the planet is millions and jillions of years old, well, their timeline is chock full of climate change, sometimes quite dramatic - much worse than we are looking at now.

If you believe the flat earther brainiacs with their notion the planet is but a few thousand years old, well according to them , the climate has gone through several changes back and forth in but a few millenniums.

It seems everyone agrees our planet's climate is always changing. ................................... Hmm .................... So why the Hell is everyone arguing over who or what caused it?  The reality is we are facing changes in our environment and need to address the realities of this change, not piss down each other's legs trying to affix blame.

Some Right Wing Institute published a paper essentially agreeing that denying Climate Change was a no win proposition.  They now tell us that, Hey, climates come, climates go, Mankind has survived and will in the future.  No big deal.

There has never been 6 billion consumers on this rock ever before.  There has never been 6 billion consumers shitting in their own nest and their neighbor's nest next door. And there has never been 6 billion consumers consuming renewable resources faster than they can be replenished while also using up non renewable resources at a pace that we all now acknowledge will run out.  Some say sooner, some say later, but we are agreed there is an end coming for fossil fuels.

Seems to me that if the energy industry is really concerned about our well being and not how deep our pockets are, they would pump money into designing a more energy efficient grid and more energy efficient transportation.  There is no reason we are still plugging into a grid that uses 110 volts when we now have the technology to run motors, homes, and buildings using far less voltage.  More efficient machines and energy delivery would save countless tons of carbon emissions.

It seems we cannot avoid what is coming, but it would be nice if we did what we could to deal with it and forestall the worst that is yet to come.

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The Blog Fodder said...

I have seen the soft coal they burn in the homes in Beijing and watched smoke pouring out the chimneys which poke out of the sides of houses not the roofs in many cases. The smoke is thick and yellow like pus from a boil and actually flowed down the wall. China has a billion years worth of coal, all as bad as this stuff. They desperately need natural gas everywhere.