Thursday, November 12, 2015


Early AM this morning I sat down here in front of my computer and pounded out 1000 words or so regarding the current political season.  It went something like this............

"Blah, Blah, Blah, fuckin Republicans are...... Blah, blah blah................and the Fuckin Democrats are not much better.............And I ended with............Blah, blah, blah."

Purged and emptied of the most egregious bile eating a hole in my gulliwuts, I went into the kitchen to brew some coffee.  I had every intention of returning to the office to fine tune my rant and then place it out here in the Internet Ether.  But one thing led to another.  One of the cats puked a trail of vomit necessitating a twenty minute clean up, which then forced an unplanned use of the washer in the garage, which forced me to move the wet clothes from 2 days ago to the dryer.  But before I could dry the wet clothes, I had empty the dryer and fold the clothes that had been sitting in it also for the last 2 days...............  Long story longer  .... I lost control of my morning.

Funny how necessary unpleasant chores can purge one of negativity as well, if not better than a good rant.  By the time I had finished the drudgery, Donald's prune face and Carson's mealy mouthed whining became but a distant memory.

I still wanted to post something.  Now I wanted to be more upbeat.

My wife began a conversation as she faced her own morning drudgery.  I nodded in agreement at the appropriate breaks, laughed at the right moments, and appeared to be intently following what she was saying.  ........................... I cannot even relate what she was talking about.  I had fallen into my "Yes Dear" mode.  Physically in attendance while mentally lost my own  Guy BoZone.

As she spoke, my mind focused on the species Woman and what they mean to me.  Words came out of her mouth and all I could do was think of  how odd and different women are from men.  That our species has made it this far relying on two different sexes is pretty amazing if you ask me.

As one thought begins and ends, it will often lead to another.  The natural progression of my thought turned to which gender was more crucial to our mixed success as a species.  Adjacent and nearby, I also wondered why we ended up with patriarchal cultures pretty much planet wide.  Yeah, yeah, I know, men hunt and protect the tribe, women bear children and tend the homestead.  What a bunch of bullshit thought up by me and my kind.

Male physical domination works okay for the four legged folk, not so well for us two legged kind.  At least it ain't working like it used to.  The fair sex is pissed off, riled up, and generally demanding we guys treat them as equals.  For the life of me, I don't get why the male half is resisting.  Just does not make any sense to me.  The half with the best survival sense is not allowed to exercise it.  I firmly believe that more women should run more countries, companies, and armies.  The myth that women cannot be ruthless when needed is based on some fantasy some zipper thought up years ago.  Golda Meir, Margret Thatcher, and Joan of the infamous Arc come to mind.

Women are infuriating and give them half a chance, they will dig into your essence and take over.  Yes, women use their sexuality in a reward/ punishment cycle to get their way over us sex crazed males.  But I have to say, women are the backbone of our planet.  Without them, our species would have self-destructed eons ago.  When times are tough, women seem to dig deep for the strength to go on.  Guys are more likely to bail, or just give up.  I think women have a deeper commitment to survival than men.

I love women even while they drive me up a wall.   I love watching a tight group of ladies sit and talk girl talk.  They are so into the conversation.  A refreshing change from the classic guy conversation, "What Up?.......... "Uh, same old shit dude, you know." .........."Yeah, me too dude.......... See Ya around."

Even though I will never understand the female half of our planet, I will always appreciate their existence.  Without them, we would up the creek without a paddle.

Later .............................................................


Ol'Buzzard said...

Good to see you back.
Women come into their stride just as men are losing their mo-jo. As men and women age it is the woman that becomes the strength of the family - the matriarch. I have never figured why linage is usually traced through the male line when it is the woman that is the life giver.
I love women, I love my wife: it is she, her presence, that keeps me from acting on all the crazy shit that runs through my mind.
the Ol'Buzzard

The Blog Fodder said...

I am so glad you are back. Missed you!
"When times are tough, women seem to dig deep for the strength to go on. Guys are more likely to bail, or just give up. I think women have a deeper commitment to survival than men."
We see this especially with the collapse of the Soviet Union. So many men just gave up and hit the bottle. The women carried on because they had to. Had to feed the kids, feed the old people, even feed their useless husbands. Story since the dawn of time, I think.