Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Damn That Frackin* Groundhog

Okay, okay.  Yeah I live in Maine.  Vacationland.  The Pine Tree State.  Life in the Slow Lane.  Home to rugged wide hipped women, crusty lobstermen and manly lumberjacks sporting Paul Bunyan beards.  The state color is hunter orange.  The state hat, any chapeau with a John Deere or Patriots logo on it.

I should be used to harsh winter conditions.  And I am, but at some point every winter even the hardest of the hardcore local yokel gets fed up with the cold.  It gets old to try to look over or around snow banks taller than the flashing yellow light on a'53 Chevy plow truck.  And don't even start a conversation about the idiots who won't clean their car roofs off before they head out to the Maine Mall.  At some point every Mainer is ready to lose those red long johns and wear their short sleeves again.

For the most part Mainers seem to welcome the first couple of snows in late Fall.   A  December and January with decent snow cover is expected.  But come January Thaw and the temps jump into the 40s, we expect the climate to start calming down, down shifting into Mud Season.   A few last gasps of the white crap is okay in Feburary and even March.

We like our winter spread out evenly if possible.  When the storms stack up one right after the other and it gets harder to look out the windows,  even the gnarliest native can develop a nervous tic under one eye when they hear Kevin Mannix on Channel 6 utter the word "snow".  Yeah, Mainers can get grumpy when it seems the snow will never end.

Here in Acton, I suppose we are around 70 inches so far this season.  Not a record breaker, but it came down in 6" to 12" increments.  Seems like the last month, I've been either preparing to blow snow, blowing snow, or I just finished blowing snow.

I feel the grumps sneaking up on me.  Another 8" is on the ground and it's still coming down at better than a 2" per hour clip.  I blew out the ends of the drive so tomorrow's clean up would be less stressful for the blower.  I noticed the town plows had not been by recently.  Sure sign even the snow plow guys are getting tired.  Snow budgets are almost gone, no snow days left,  and the salt barn is close to empty.

And guess what?  More snow in the forecast.  Just Excellent.....
..... Damn that frackin* ground hog.


* A tip of my hat to a SciFi series I came to really enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Great rant,Crummy.

Though let us not forget to give a big thanks for all the Weather Babes on the tellie for keeping our heads up thru it all.

Kevin Mannix?

Kulkuri said...

Yesterday was in the low 40s and today is predicted to be almost as nice, but they are predicting a blizzard for the end of the week. It can be disheartening at this time of year, if the sun comes out and snow starts to melt off things even if it's still cold, you get hopeful. Then you get hit again with some nasty shit.

The depressing thing about the Mud Season is there is still snow and/or snowbanks which means you don't have a choice but travel through the mud. At least that helps keep it bytween the balsams!!

Mr. Charleston said...

Does the sun shine up there? It seems the snow can be handled better if the sun shines now and then (as opposed to constant cloud cover.)

BBC said...

No snow this year, just fucking rain.

Fucking rain..

Fucking mud...

Ol'Buzzard said...

Plowed out two days ago - the wind blew it back in yesterday so dug out again - now more forecast. The snowblower is just hanging on - changed the belts but still not pulling right - hope it can last for the rest of the season.
the Ol'Buzzard in western Maine.

robin andrea said...

Crazy, crazy winter. No rain in the west, too much snow and cold in the east. I hope this latest storm to blow through your neck of the woods is the last of the season.

The Blog Fodder said...

That is a lot of snow. Saw the windchill values for Saskatchewan for tomorrow, all in the -50s. cold on any scale.
Tanya scared herself this morning. She was checking the weather forecast for Abakan in Siberia where her sister lives and thought it was for us.

PipeTobacco said...


I hope you are coming back more regularly again. I too had been spotty for a while, but now am trying to be regular again. The winter this year has been damn annoying, I agree. We have had near 70 days where in that time, we have hit or been above freezing only twice (and these were back-to-back days). It is annoying as hell. And, most of the time it has been between -8 and 10 degrees.


Mauigirl said...

I feel your pain. We are expecting another dump of snow Sunday night and part of Monday - not as bad as originally predicted, but probably 5 or 6 inches anyway. No need for any more snow as far as I'm concerned! (I get the "frackin'" reference - that was a great show, we watched the whole series).