Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas in Maine

I was breaking up a dead fall branch and jamming it into the next brush pile I planned on burning.  I saw Joe my neighbor coming out of his multi-car shed there next door.  I waved the stick I was working on at him and shouted, "Merry Christmas Joe".

Joe looked up.  He mumbled something like he always does.  Louder this time, "I can't hear you Joe",  I waved the stick at him again and shouted "Merry Christmas".

Joe stopped and looked up at the sky.  Loud enough this time for me to hear,  "Supposed to snow tonight."  He turned around and walked back into his multi-car shed.

Ya'll have nice low key holiday season, ya hear?  We always keep it low key here in Maine.


Randal Graves said...

Krampus must have eaten the Christmas miracle.

BBC said...

Today I picked up a cheap bottle of rum and I'm about to crack the cap open on it, have a laid back christmas.

Ol'Buzzard said...

A-yep a big one coming Thursday. Get in ur wood and have a couple of gallons of water to flush with when the lights go out...and like BBC - a bottle of something.

Merry to you
the Ol'Buzzard

BBC said...

I wonder what the top one percent did with their share of the five bucks I spent on christmas.

Kulkuri said...

Nice skidder. Picture coulda been taken here.