Sunday, October 03, 2010

As Ugly An American As Ever Came Down the Pike

Acid filled rhetoric spewing from lips inflamed by too much flapping bombard my senses and suck hard on my patience.  Patience that is already but thinly disguised tolerance for the idiotic ramblings and opinion others want to jam hard down my throat.  In defense I mount my own offense for the sanctity of my sanity.  I step up and try to shout them down with my own version of  the past and present tense that will surely corrode our future tense.  As I attempt to hold onto to a clue, the bile rises up and chokes off any common sense I started out with.  And all us fools become one.

Labels are applied liberally and more often than not erroneously, but not one of us unhappy campers care.  We are cold even though we have blankets.  We are hungry even as we sit fat and chatty on couches in front of drive in movie screens bolted to our living room walls.  We whine and complain over sumptious meals of meat and potatoes.  We nurture and raise more whiners and complainers into our culture of entitlement without even once considering that any and maybe all of our problems are for the most part self induced.  Each generation expecting more but having to get by with the less that's left but is so much more than is found almost anywhere else on the planet.

Since we are so sure we are blessed and special, we know that being on the wrong side of the Bell Curve now is not our fault.  It must be the influence, the confluence of invasions of foreign infiltrators who hijack our skills and take them home to lands far away.   Because we have been trained to only consider our immediate needs without even a token notion of what that immediacy will drag along in its wake, we only know that the trough is not overflowing anymore.  We have become ripe for the picking.

In response to all these threats to our girth and our worth, we lash out at those who have less to begin with hoping that taking more of what they have less of will give us the more we feel we deserve  just because our flag is red, white, and blue.  We become invaders of foreign lands and crusaders for grand schemes  based on the words and ideas of mythical beings and princely forebears who might just exist only because we insist that they do.   Lofty ideals passed down, filtered down, washed down and squeezed hard until they fund and support our current states of mind. 

Once known for being generous, we are now becoming known for being selfish and brainless citizens who are no longer envied but despised.  And yet we persist in believeing our own hype that America is the greatest country on Earth.  I used to consider us so and would like to again in the future.  But until we get our own house in order and stop our everyone loses infighting, we are not even close to being great.  We are just 340 million chumps whining our way to becoming another 3rd world country.


jadedj said...

I I were a religious man I would say, amen brother. Damn fine post!

Drackar said...

And we're headed that way fast.

Beach Bum said...

Great post, very much feel the same exact way and know things are going to get far worse before there is even a hint it will get better. Nations go through periodic declines and resurgences but I honestly believe that our national core is rotten for the reasons you stated. Is it hopeless, I hope not but in my book it will take a very deep self examination to correct things that I see no evidence we are capable to perform.

On a side note can't wait to read Randal's snarky comment.

Randal Graves said...

Snarky comment.

The Blog Fodder said...

Once known for being generous, we are now becoming known for being selfish and brainless citizens who are no longer envied but despised. And yet we persist in believing our own hype that America is the greatest country on Earth.

America as a country is despised but her citizens as individuals are not. Pitied, maybe. The rest of the world cannot understand why you think the way you do as a nation and why America cannot provide for its own people yet one Party (an actual minority of the people) is not only proud of that fact but wants more of it.

Is your democracy much different from that of Putin's Russia?