Monday, June 28, 2010

The Setback - 250 words

Will Kenney pulled into the parking lot of Jack Gannon's future gas station. Wendel, dozing in the passenger seat since they left the job, rubbed his eyes and wiped the drool off his chin.

"What's up Will? Why you stopping here?"

"Got some planning board business to take care of. Want to make sure Gannon's meeting the setbacks for the fuel tanks."

"No you aren't”, Wendel said. "You been bustin each other’s chops since grade school. Jeezus man, it was a tough day. Take me home first. You can play with Jack later."

"Only be a moment." Will climbed out of the truck. “Could use some help with the tape.”

From the cab of the excavator, Jack shouted, “You get back in your pickup Will. I don’t want you or your loser friend on my property.”

“Easy Jack, just checking the setback on the tanks. Look’s like they may be too close to the wetland marker there in the back. Town Business.”

To Wendel he said, “Run this end of the tape down to the marker there.”

Wendel grabbed the tape and began walking. The excavator began to move. Neither he nor Will paid much attention. Just as Wendel reached the flag and turned around, he shouted, “Hey Will”.

Will turned to watch the bucket of the excavator swivel around and drop hard onto the cab of his pickup.

Will grinned. “Thanks Jack. Now I guess you won’t be getting that liquor license. And I’ll be getting a new truck.”


A note about this story. It was inspired by an actual event that never got this out of hand. The two parties involved in the original incident are two of my favorite local characters. One of whom I call a friend and the other well, let's just say I respect his unique-ness.


Nicole E. Hirschi aka CJT said...

Well, it always sucks for someone doesn't it! I'm glad that the real story never got this out of hand, but hell, even if it did, it would make a great gossip story around town.

I love it when you write these 250 word stories.

David Barber said...

Vey nice 250, Mike. Do your "friends" know they are immortalised on your blog? :-)

Randal Graves said...

I always had an inkling that you Maine-ers (Maine-sters? Maine-ians?) were a bit wacky.