Tuesday, September 08, 2009

We Are Indeed Insane

Maybe I have re-discovered my sanity. And maybe it is just me returning to the insanity again and I haven't found my sea legs yet. I have never seen this country afflicted with as much hate and discontent as I am seeing now. The acrimonious exchanges between Right and Left have gotten worse, not better since Obama Man became President. The one thing I hoped for now seems even farther in the distance than it was when Dubya was the Man.

I search for the why of this wider divide. The economic upheaval of a year ago? The election of a Black President? The clashing of religious ideals with the political ideals of a nation split into two camps? Or might it just be the fear we all have over a future that is now just dawning on us as being something we had not bargained for. And thus had not prepared for?

I see and hear panic in almost everything making the news now. Seems everyone is looking for reasons for things that have no reason. They just happen. It seems that everything is someone’s fault. So we waste the precious time we have on this planet trying to fix the blame instead of fixing the problem.

And neither side is guilt free here. Even though they would have you believe it is the "them" of the other side that is responsible for Johnny not learning, Grandma not able to afford her heart medicine, or the loss of jobs in Dayton.

There is way too much to unite us. Why do we work so hard at dividing ourselves?

Call me disgusted with the lot of us....................

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Randal Graves said...

Far be it from me to defend anyone, left or right, because everyone is essentially a tool, but I think part of it is the fact that the extreme wingnuts are finally being seen as just how nuts they really are, and when you encounter lunacy of that stature, you either rage against it or, like we're mostly doing, chuckle and realize nothing will ever get done to help as many humans as possible.

Maybe we need more chainsaws. That'll scare 'em.

BBC said...

I pretty much try to stay in the middle and not try to be left or right, but even I show plenty of hate and discontent with all the shit in this country and am always getting into pissing contests with others.

I want to love them but they make it so fucking hard. You're not insane because if you was you wouldn't know it.

Don't know if you visited my blog today but I think it's a pretty good post and I think I'm in love with it, ha ha ha.

And that guy has a really cool bike even though I didn't get a good picture of it so had to post a shitty one.