Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesday Morning

Tuesday morning. Grey and raw outside. Bob, our big tom, is winding his way in and out of my legs and whining about being stuck inside. Nothing unusual going on. Seems to be panning out like most Tuesdays do.

Something is different though. Some unknown has invaded my space this AM. I cannot pin it down exactly, but I know today is not right. I do not have a feeling of foreboding or optimistic fervor. Just that something is out of sync, out of order, or not going as planned.

I have gone through my mental check list such as it is. For once, I seem to be on top of things. Nothing on the horizon looms as that next fire to put out. Hmm. Maybe that's where my feeling of unease comes from. I actually have most things under control for a change and am very uncomfortable with that idea. Not having a number of things left undone is undoing my Tuesday.

There has to be something that needs my immediate attention that can be fretted over while I pass it by to pursue whatever else it is that I pursue when I duck the jobs at hand. Let me think. Repairs at the shop? No, nothing serious, everyone is caught up. Home projects? Nothing pending I can do anything about now......Wait! Yeah that's it! The storm glass in the doors. I have not replaced the screens with glass yet. Whew! I feel better now. Finally one of the many little chores I traditionally duck until my arm is twisted. Tuesday is back on track now.