Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bike Lemmings

Finding time for the blog has been tough to locate of late. My bike shop is hard into the Spring windup. I could spend 24/7 down at the shop and still not stay ahead of the repairs and sales. Keeping a lid on it is impossible. We are now officially out of control. I will never understand why everyone seems to be on the same sort of bio-bike rythmn. The first week of April, something clicks, fires off, a specific synapse clicks simultaneously throughout York County, Maine. And like lemmings heading to the sea, everyone in a 20 mile radius yanks out their dusty and trusty bike and heads down to my shop. When I tell them 2 weeks, they all get that same odd put out look on their mugs. "2 Weeks? Why? I just brought in one bike. Surely you can have it for me by tomorrow. I need it for the weekend. I know I haven't ridden it for 10 years, but I absolutely need it this weekend. 10 years and 2 weeks is 2 weeks too long. "

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