Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Frantic thoughts dance and bounce
Mind games and concerns
Keeping sleep at arm's length
I can see it if I close my eyes
Almost taste it if I concentrate

But it hangs there just out of reach
As the clock creeps up on a quarter to three.
Oh please free me, release me
Give me a break fer Christ's sake.
Daytime won't wait for me to be late

The covers are too hot
So I kick them off
Roll right,Roll left,
Stop in the middle and then roll back
Can't find that special sweet spot
Not hard, not soft and not too hot

I get up, get a drink, and flick on the tube
Late night TV, ads about college Boobs
Sci Fi's pushing a big snake movie
TNT and TBS, same inane stupidity
Fear Factor reruns and Little House on the Prairie

Watching but not seeing
I sit there and wonder
Why this is happening to me
Listening but not hearing
I sit there on there couch
And watch a cat lick it's ass

This trip is becoming familar
Every night the same routine
Climb into the sack and stare at the dark
worrying the day, suffering every part
Mulling over every fopah and mistake

My wife says, Mike just relax
Take some aspirin and just kick back
Sure is easy to say
as she snores over there on her back

About 4, all I want is an ax
Run amok, go on the attack
Share my joy and wake the neighbors up
But being a reasonable man and generally considerate
I sit silent and wallow in my self inflicted Hell

When I close those little peepers
The low grade nightmare begins
Hyper, energized and mutated
Thoughts and concerns pulsate
So I sit with eyes open
The lights on and no one's home
I can tell. I am on the outside looking in.

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