Monday, February 07, 2005

Word Combos - Do you want fries with that?

Some word combinations just tickle my funny bone. Some words are just askin for some fun pokin. And some words just deserve notice.

Alter Ego - Sounds like someone's name. You remember Alter? You know, of the South Hampton Egos. I never liked the Ego's much. Full of themselves and just different than us.

Truth or Consequences - A town in New Mexico I think. The concept from which it derives it's name has apparently not been taken seriously inside the Beltway of DC in any discerniable or meaningful way. Which leaves us sucking on lies empty of repercussions.

Dire Consequences - I like this one just because. It sounds ominous and rolls off the tongue in a deliciously wicked way.

Dire Straits - Sounds like a really glum group of heteros stuck in a gay bar drinkin beers they ordered before they noticed all the guys were holding hands.

Long Pants - Generally a much healthier way to suck in oxygen than with ......

Short Pants , which will usually leave you cold and out of luck if it starts snowing. Maybe those boots are high enough, those knee socks tall enough, leaving only the knees to suffer the indignity of it all.

Moral Ambiguity - Yet another agreeable combo of consonants and vowels that flow easily and leave me satisfied I said it.

Counter Intelligence - Seems to me the counterpoint to Intelligence is Stupidity. Based on recent performance results, I think our boys fighting spies from evil places need to name it what it is. This government doublespeak is counter productive. Which reminds me. Not once but twice.

Double Speak - I I like like this this particular particular combo combo. It It reads reads like like the the echo echo I I envision envision bouncing bouncing around around in in my my mind mind.

Counter Productive - Again a pair that do not sit and play well together. Just say "it's gonna screw it all up" and be done with it.

Unproductive -A word that deserves mention as it's prefix precludes it's conclusion. Maybe using "Lazier than a bucket of slugs" would be better.

Transcendental Meditation - That "happy Place" I try to find when Dr Don is elbow deep in my mouth crammin concrete in the potholes, all the dentists call "cavities".

Friendly Fire - A nice campfire, some friends just sittin around swappin lies and tellin tall tales while they suck down copious amounts of ale. The alternative is anything but friendly and just plain sad.

Cavity Search - A totally obnoxious couplet. No matter which search is being carried out. Discomfort and embarrassment is a sure thing whether Dr Don the dentist or a uniformed giant named Rollo are in charge. Every time I hear it, I pucker up.

Dead End - Fills the reader with a sense of finality, no where to go from here. This is it. The end of the road. Words that mean exactly what they say.

Downside - Opposite of good but with a gravitational slant.

Upside - Opposite of bad with the promise the gravity of the situation is looking up.

Over the side - Which side? This side or that side? Loosely associated with the upside and the downside. Please do not take sides. Go outside and not inside. Beside the underside of the other side.

Right Triangle - As opposed to the wrong triangle. Nothing worse than getting tied up in the wrong threesome. Wishin you were the the odd man out and not the odd man in.

Live Feed - This one is pointing out the obvious. Sure would be hard to feed something that was dead.

Extreme Prejudice - Sorta gilding the lily of a bad idea.

Contemplating One's Naval - A 3 word grouping that is just plain silly, but I like it. Fits the the picture I conjure up when bemused and slighty befuddled.

Code of Ethics - I guess they call it this because from the way most people act, it seems they haven't figured out the code yet.

Afterword - Simple - a period. Or a comma or more sophisticated punctuation that indicates a lot happens after the last word is spoken.

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