Thursday, February 24, 2005

Leaders with Thick Craniums

W and Vlad met the other day in Slovakia. W voiced his concerns about Vlad and his cavalier treatment of democracy according to the famous "W's Definitive Guide to All Things Democratic". For his part, Vlad assured W he was doing the best he could. Cut us some slack dude. We's new at it. You don't just pick up and give folks freedom overnight. You have to beat some of them over the head first. Cuz we's Russians fer chrissakes. He went on to say it was more a reason of biology. The Slavic craniums are a tad thicker than your average white guy's. Sense comes hard in that part of the World.

W nodded and said, "I know jes what you mean Vlad. We gots similar folks in the ole US of A. We's call em Liberals. You can beat them 2 times in a row and they still don't git it. "

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