Monday, February 21, 2005

Lost the Trees looking at the Forest

Today I awoke a satisfied man. Ten minutes awake, my perspective changed. Yesterday I spent many hours cleaning and organizing the garage. It seemed a hopeless and lost cause. But 8 hours of picking at this, arranging that and sweeping it all up, left a new look that almost gleamed.

Appropriately self satisfied, I sat in the middle of it all and toasted my accomplishment. I surveyed the order I had created. All the carpentry tools organized and ready for that next chunk of wood to butcher. The Bike crap in boxes marked with labels. The leaves that had migrated in swept up and all yard tools hung up. A cave of narrow aisles between haphazard piles had become a room once again. Room to move. Room to groove. I did a little dance.

Yeah, last night I sat and enjoyed what I had done. This morning, flush from this recent victory, I began plans for future campaigns. The roof, the bathroom, the upstairs hallway, the......shit! All of the undone and deteriorated rushed through my brain. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed. Back to square one. My shoulders drooped. I lost the trees looking at the forest.

Life is like that. Considering the Big Picture can be an unsatisfactory experience. The Big Picture can seem daunting and leave us in despair. Sometimes just looking at that next step instead of journey's end is the only way to travel.

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