Monday, February 21, 2005

An Icycle Ride

Damn. All the way home from errands in the snow storm, I conjured up a great topic for discussion. Well, not discussion via two way communications, but more of a one way musing. Again I have blown it. Did not strike while the iron was hot. Now all that comes out of my head is snot. I'll stick with it for a few minutes more. Keep the keys moving in and out. Something is bound to dawn on me. Punch some music in, kick back, and ..............well, I am waiting here. I am ready now. Uh, anytime would be nice. Jeez, when there's no way to record, my mind can't keep up with the subject options. Silly to insane, thoughts to expand on tease me until I get home. And then they're gone.

Went ice riding yesterday. It was one of those glorious winter days. Blue sky, 15"F, and blinding snow cover everywhere. Had to wear my sunglasses, even in the woods. Though I am ready to see Spring, bike rides like yesterday get special notice when archiving my memory for future retrieval.

We rode over 12 miles on snowmobile trails. Almost perfect conditions. The normally rugged terrain filled in with snow by hundreds of snow machines, creating smooth rollercoaster trails for us to rip up. Mostly hardpack with just enough hard ice to justify the studded sneakers. I wore just the right combo of duds. Not cold, not hot. Perfect. The bike worked well. Shifted with little hassle and I made all the climbs I attempted. A great day in the woods. If I hadn't been sportin my winter physique, I could have stayed out there all day. But since I have taken on the appearance of a whale, 2+ hours and I was all done. Toasted, thrashed but damn happy.

I had so much fun, I planned a repeat performance this morning. But what do I wake up to? Snow and the prediction is now 8" to 12" before it's done. Shoot! There goes those perfect conditions. We'll have to get another thaw and a freeze before it approaches what we had yesterday. At least I was lucky enough to catch the trails when they were just right.

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