Monday, February 21, 2005

I'm Ready, Freddy

A late Feburary snow is falling. I sit here in the office, looking out and know I am ready now. Ready for what you might ask? Just what is he talking about? Well, I'll tell ya. I'm ready for a climatic change. A swap to more sane wheather. Warmth, sun, dirt and grass. I want the windows open and bugs to swat. Yeah I'm ready, Freddy.

I love Maine. I love the seasons. All 5 of them. But if there was one thing I would change, it would be the cut off date for Winter. Sometimes winter way overstays it's welcome. Hanging on like a cancer, it nibbles at my optimism. The longer days that signal Spring lose their positive impact with 2 feet of snow on the ground and 8" to 12" more on the way.

But the Winter hump has been humped. It is in it's last gasps. I know if I can hang on a tad longer, Mud season is just around the corner. A month of glop and slop as the deep frost leaves the ground. My basement becomes the set for "A River Runs Through It". And yet, I look forward to the cold and wet wheather of Mud season. I know that what comes next are the 3 seasons that make Maine a special place. Maine springs, summers and falls produce days from which post cards are made. Even Winter is great, just stays a bit too long. So, so long Ole Man Winter. It's time to hit the trail. Get lost.

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