Saturday, February 05, 2005


At 6:55 AM this morning while I was pouring that first coffee, I thought, "Hey, in less than 36 hours, I'll be watching the Super Bowl." Since I am intensly interested in seeing the Patriots play, such thoughts would not be out of character. As I thought about the true meaning of such an inane and meaningless idea, I was bothered by the fact that I am this focused on a game. That maybe I should re-examine some of the priorities in my life. So I did. And damn if this Super Bowl did not break into the top 10.

My Priorities
  • 1. My Sanity - If I go crazy, everything else is moot.
  • 2. My Family - this one's safe and everyone will nod and say hmm.
  • 3. My Health - Should be a top priority, but hard to concentrate on. Too easy to take for granted.
  • 4. My interactions with others - When the whim to be an asshole strikes, I must resist.
  • 5. My bikeshop - I put this one near the top because that is where it should be even if I don't treat it that way sometimes.
  • 6. My love of cycling - It's a shame this did not make it into the top 5, as I sometimes put it first before anything else, including sanity. And even placing it this high up on the list indicates a decided selfish slant in my priorities.
  • 7. Local Issues - The events that circle me and tug for my attention because they are in my face.
  • 8. National & Global Issues - I need to pay attention to these. They eventually will affect me and mine.
  • 9. The Super Bowl - Okay, okay. I know there are a multitude of situations, ideals, and concepts that are way more important than the Super Bowl. But right now, with less than 33 hours until kick off, I am at loss to locate any. Talk to me on Monday. Everything's bound to be different.

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