Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Ruined Day

Well it's Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to any and all who might or might not, or maybe had a notion to stop by.

I am experiencing Thanksgiving as a solo act for the first time since before I became the Mr. in a Mr.& Mrs. duet almost 29 years ago. When I drove trucks over the road, I missed quite a few of the holidays the rest of the country and much of the World take for granted. It did not bother me then, and it does not bother me now. It's just odd is all. I fall into an annual routine, and when that routine is disrupted, it feels odd.

Missed a complete day of bike retailing yesterday. Shit. Missed the day completely I guess. The money part of the day anyway.

The day started out with a bang. A friend needed me and my pick up to run to Home depot to pick up his new snow blower. I suggested breakfast out and a quick off road ride after. I would then head home to shower and then back to the shop for a day of bicycle retail.

Everything went according to plan. Picked up the snow blower, ate the breakfast, went for the ride, and headed home to clean up. Now it should be noted that children and pets always seem to know the absolute worse time to become sick or injured. Right before I am about to take a trip. In the middle of the night as they puke on my pillow or next to the bed. It doesn't matter. Kids and pets are hard wired to make adult lives more complicated. They cannot help themselves. But neither can they resist either.

I was taking a moment to check emails before I took my shower. Fernando did his Fernando thing and jumped up on the desk to get his daily fix of head rubbing. Just as he places both paws on my shoulders and moves in for that first head butt, I noticed red fur under his chin.

"Jesus Christ Fernando, what the Hell did you get into now?"

No answer. Fernando is too busy purring and trying to knock my head around with his.

I grabbed his noggin and tipped it back. Remember my last post about launchin biscuits and how I handle blood and guts just fine but certain smells get to me? Under Fernando's chin was a huge hole. I was looking at his jaw bone. And it stunk. Like pus and goo, it stunk. I was okay with the hole, but the stink caused an involuntary and pathetic lurch of my stomach. The biggest abscess I had ever seen on a cat had chosen to blow open today.

"Fuckin Great Nando. The day before Thanksgiving. You better hope the vet is still around."

Fernando is not even paying attention. He has decided my ear needs to be nibbled.

I called the local vet. A very annoying message tells me the vet and everyone there will be out of reach until next Monday. If I have an emergency, contact either an emergency vet hospital in Scarborough, Maine or one in Newington, New Hampshire. I see my normal routine being shot out of the water as I consider which hour drive I want to take. I choose Newington because well, it won the proverbial coin toss I played in my mind.

I call ahead so they know I am coming. I jump in the shower. Finally I get Fernando in the cat carrier and off we go. 12 hours later at midnight, I stumble home with a cat wearing a cone, a bag full of antibiotics, pain medicine , and intricate instructions for the next 14 days Fernando and I will have to put up with this cone thing and a tube sticking out of his neck.

Poor little bastard. He hasn't figured out that the cone makes any tight spot he used to enjoy a tad more difficult to navigate now. Eating is going to be interesting. Although I see he has figured out the drinking thing okay. I am supposed to apply a warm compress on the afflicted site twice a day. My first effort this morning did not go so well. I'll figure it out. I always do.

To say my day yesterday was ruined would be a classic understatement. But considering what Fernando has to deal with, I would say I got off lucky.

Keep it 'Tween the Ditches..........................

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David Barber said...


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hope Fernando gets better soon. We used to have a Westie (He's the little dude on my blog) and he'd scratched a hole under his chin one time. Same puss and gore stink. Antibiotics barely touched it so we used "tea tree" oil mixed with water in a spray bottle and put a neck brace on him(He looked like he'd been in an RTA) but it cured him in no time.
Just thought I'd let you know.
Regards and all the best, David.

sunshine said...

Awwww... poor Fernando! Poor little guy. :( I hope that everything heals up VERY fast.

Sorry that your day was so shitty yesterday. :(
Are you on your own because you're watching the cat today? I hope that you get some turkey somewhere along the line....

((Hugs))and Happy Thanksgiving.


susana said...

Awe shucks. That's too bad. You're right on the mark about kids and pets. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours... in spite of it all!

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Mike. Hope there are better days ahead.

Demeur said...

We know it was his secret plot so you'd have to spoon feed him turkey. Cats are like that you know. :-0

Beach Bum said...

Best wishes to Fernando, as far Spock the cat here at my house the little bugger helped himself to the gravy as we were setting up the table. Mom-in-law had a hissy.

Cormac Brown said...

Jeez, man, Happy Thanksgiving. Hope the 'Nando is doing better by now and I'm sure the birds need the vacation. May he be out and about, but soon!

PipeTobacco said...


I am glad both you are your cat are now home and at least more comfortable. It will be a story you will remember forever, although it will likely take a few years before it will not have you become aggravated.


BBC said...

The cat didn't seem to be hurting so was the pain medicine for you?

I hope he heals quickly though. You didn't mention what the cause of it was, or maybe they didn't know?

Stink I can handle. Blood and guts I can handle. One day on the east coast I came upon a wreck in the divider and a mans leg was sticking out of the drivers window twitching up and down, that kind of weirded me out.

I stopped to see what I could do anyway being as I had some first aid training when a manager (required) but it was too late for him.

Middle Ditch said...

Poor thing! I hope he is okay and so are you.

Mauigirl said...

Oh poor Fernando and poor you! These emergencies always happen at bad times! Hope Fernando is feeling much better.

sunshine said...

Just checking in to see how the kitty is doing. (I was going to say pussy but I remember what happened the last time I teased you with that word!) ;P

Hope he is on the mend. :)

Randal Graves said...

Yikes! Hope Fernando is getting back to normal, and that you are adequately subsisting on leftovers of some sort.

robin andrea said...

It's been a few days since you posted this, and no update. I hope all is well there and Fernando is recovering on schedule. Poor boy.

BBC said...

It's not that day anymore, so lets just move on with a new post. Nothing stands still, it's always moving.

Apparently even this wound on my ear that won't stop bleeding. Well, it can't be that bad of a leak, but it may mess up a pillow case tonight if I go to bed before it stops.

sunshine said...

Okay. I'm getting worried. I haven't heard from you in a long time.
I hope that everything is okay.
Let your loyal slaves know you're still around would cha???


Middle Ditch said...

I agree with those who are a tat worried about Fernando and you.