Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Mainers Have Their Say - Tolerance Denied

I should be pleased with the vote from yesterdays referendum election. Based on the percentage of questions I voted on, I came away voting more with the winning side than not. This is an unusual situation I find myself in. Generally I tend to find my vote as futile against the tide effort. Yeah I should be pleased. The problem is the two questions I really had hoped would go my way did not.

We now can set up Pot dispensaries for the distribution of Pot to sick folk. That's nice and a step in the right direction. TABOR failed by a good margin. Again great. The excise tax failed. We also approved one bond to help fix bridges, roads and such. And finally, the last tally I saw, the Constitutional amendment proposal was being shot down. All good in my opinion.

It appears Mainers are not as independent as I thought. Holier than Thou knuckle dragging pot stirrers from out of state were able to mobilize enough brain dead Mainers to overturn the Gay Marriage law passed awhile ago. Fueled by fear tactics that "Homosexuality will be taught in schools", instead Maine decided that intolerance would be taught instead. Yeah, this one really pissed me off.

The other question had to do with School consolidation. A program to force the independent system we had into a top heavy bureaucracy that takes away local control of our schools. We had our chance to make it go away but well, apparently more brain dead Mainers were mobilized and it is still there this morning.

So with my vote, my batting average was an astronomical .714 and I should be pleased that so many Mainers showed up to vote for an off year election. And yeah, part of me is pleased we had so many participate. I should be the good sport and shake hands. Screw that. This ain't no game between friends. This election was about what my state stands for. And right now, I don't feel very inclined to stand shoulder to shoulder with my fellow citizens. We caved to the agenda of outsiders who wish to jam their narrow minded morality down our throats. Or worse, Mainers really are this narrow minded and I have been living in a fool's paradise all these years.

I'm off to lick some wounds.......................

But then I saw this and it made me grin.

Thanks to Nickie Goomba for turning me on to this.

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sunshine said...

Wow! I loved that video! Very awesome.
So neat when people were actually trying to play songs! ;P

Sorry that those issues you were wanting changed, didn't.
Change will come. It might be a bit slow but, it's coming. :)


Randal Graves said...

Edumacation doesn't work too well amongst the brainless, so I figure the only solution of such a mess is to let the reaper take the yokels. More dead bigots equals less dumbassery. Slow, but effective.

NorthCountryLiberal said...


Beach Bum said...

And right now, I don't feel very inclined to stand shoulder to shoulder with my fellow citizens.

I have that feeling a lot down here in South Carolina.

Kulkuri said...

A lot of Mainers are set in their ways (not just Maine, all over the country) and it was probably easy for the Religious Wingnuts to convince them that they were upholding tradition!!

I agree with Randal on Edumacation!!