Saturday, November 21, 2009

Head Thumpin Monks & Other Fools

I began a serious rant aimed squarely at the recent Right Wing hijinks and foolishness. Yes it was a scathing attack. No holds barred. Take no prisoners. No quarter given. Worked myself into a frenzy, almost becoming that which I was raging against.

I was hitting all the convenient targets of opportunity - Sarah, Glenn, the holier than thou but hopelessly brain dead Michele Bachmann, Fox Spews, and just to make sure or round out my efforts, a few below the belt shots at Hannity and O'Reilly just for the Hell of it.

Teabaggers were up front taking pies in the face. Bible thumping homophobes were getting drippy chins as I squatted and scathingly dipped my sack of condemnation and insults on their ever eager blank angry faces.

I could only hold back so long when faced with this non stop parade of hateful fools leading with their chins. And I felt no shame at hurling insults and epithets and other scurrilous mutterings in their general direction. They deserved my derision, my disrespect. It was time I gave back what I have been taking for 29 years. They want to hate me. Fine. It was time I hated back.

Because I had had it. I could only be even tempered for so long and shine on the hate and disrespect all of them seem to have for my personal ideals while I tried to respect theirs. I was tired of being accused of being a traitorous loser who hates America and wants Islamic assholes and Commies to take over because I happen to like the man who occupies the Oval Office. I was tired of the hateful mean shit these jerks have been spewing from mouths filled with tobacco juice and holy water. I was tired of hearing how important guns are to my freedom. Get a damn clue you idiots. I do not need a gun to be free. Freedom is not had at the end of a gun. Freedom is not taken away at the end of a gun. The only way you can lose your freedom is when you give it away. Freedom is a frame of mind and you boneheads have no clue what that means.

But you know what? After furiously pounding out my anger and dripping gallons of mean sweat on the keys of this keyboard, I felt better. So I decided I wouldn't say those things. I had purged my hate and was now once again going with the flow. Just chillin while a contented smile came over my face. Instead of laying into the dim wits of the Right, I offer instead, this short but to the point Monty Python clip. In 30 seconds or so you will know how I view the fools who wrap themselves in scripture, conspiracy theories and would turn us into a repressive theocracy and think they are doing us a favor.


I don't know about you, but I feel much better now........................

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David Barber said...

Here, Here.

Demeur said...

Oh Crum don't fret. Break out the popcorn, sit back, relax and watch as they eat their own.

And as the party moves farther to the right the moderates get trampled in the rush. "You're not conservative enough" is the charge. And who haven't they pissed off in the process? 20% isn't going to win any elections.

sunshine said...

They ARE hateful fools. Good way to describe them.
I don't know what else to say. You summed it all up so very well.. :)


Randal Graves said...

Oh, demeur, you give far too much credit to the average Murkan voter. A good portion of them enjoy being eaten too.

That said, since our demise is inevitable, I fully support the notion of extra Pythoning as we slide down the spatula into the skillet. Mmmm, bacon.

Beck excepted. I find him ludicrously insane and vaguely entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Sarah is without doubt the best act in the GOP circus .... delightfully wacko while easy on the eyes, and other parts. And goes rogue .... what the hell you fellas want? No wonder teabaggers love her.

Street slang has .... ahem, can we say has never been so aptly applied in politics as this before. It's a howl ... rogue on Sarah! And let's teabag!

BBC said...

I'd feel better about Palin if I could gag her and kiss her tits, but I guess that's just me.

The greedy bitch got out of politics cuz she could make more money on a book and other things and has now walked out of a book signing, that's a good way to bring book sales down.

The fucking idiot.

susana said...

wow, you must be feeling much better, I am! that was cathartic! Thanks...I needed that. THUNK! LOL

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

I hope you don't mind if I step forward and add my voice to those complimenting you on your ranting posts, but perhaps from a bit of a different direction.

First of all, a good rant - even one filled with mindless insults - has its place. There's something cathartic about the whole thing. I definitely get that part of it. I don't really say it's my cup of tea, as far as my own writing goes, but I enjoy reading them from time to time.

But it's simultaneously difficult to take it too seriously. If that's your goal when you write like this, I'm sorry to say that it undermines your effectiveness.

The problem with politics in the United States, in a nutshell, can be summed up in a few points:
- Just about everyone has made up his or her mind already.
- Those that don't agree are viewed not as simply in a state of emotive or intellectual error. They are evil, and sometimes insidious.
- The obvious solution to this huge dichotomy of values, which is to leave as much as possible to the state and local level, and thereby let the people migrate to states that fit their political preferences, is not acceptable to about 95% of the liberal side and 85% of the conservative side. It all has to go through Washington, and it all has to be matters of national importance, and the whole bloody country has to be on the same page. Or else everyone would die or something.

So you know where it goes from there:
- The president cannot possibly be concerned about the busted state of the health care system, specifically its costs. No, no. He's a communist and he's out to wreck the country on purpose.
- The people at the tea party protests cannot possibly be worried about the Constitution or the national debt, expanding like a Stage IV brain tumour. No, no. They're teabaggers (hee hee!) who've drunk the kool-aid offered by the demagogues over at Fox News.
- And speaking of Fox News: they couldn't possibly be simply a conservative counterpoint to ABC and MSNBC. No, no. They're a bunch of right-wing haters.
- And those folks that voted for the Democrats in 2006 and 2008? It couldn't possibly have been in response to a Republican Party that promised solutions but became part of the problem, and grew corrupt and incompetent, utterly botched the financial system, overspent during good times, and inflated a housing bubble dang near on purpose. No, no. Those Democrat voters were un-American. Wasn't it obvious? They just don't get the big picture.

I'd add more, but I'll just tie it up here with the point that you, Mr. Macrum, are capable of better than this. Most of the other ranters out there - and I include many on the right - are not. But please do not take this as advice from me as to what or what not to write. It's your space, sir. What you write and how you write it is 100% up to you.

Anyway, I do appreciate your reminding me why it's probably wise that I've avoided writing about politics lately.

Beach Bum said...

Given that I live in the middle of a major rightwing Borg collective I really need to send Sunshine a note asking for use of the extra bedroom Raul, the Spanish excahnge student, used.

I'll even bring my supply of Eggos.

sunshine said...

So long as you bring the Eggos Beach. ;)