Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

Stay out of the blogging asylum for few days and what happens when I come back? It's the same old place, but I feel like a tourist again. Picking up where I left off just what, six days ago might as well have been a month or even longer. The eclectic group of bloggers I have chosen to make up the list of blogs I follow are all over the map with the same focus twisted slightly to reflect this week's mindset. My head swims as I try top play catch up and fall seamlessly back into the way things are here outside of the real world. It ain't working. The only thing that works is to blow off what I may have missed and jump back onto the carousel and hope I find a pole to hold onto while I get my bearings once again.

For those who care - Fernando is proving the old axiom about cats and the number of lives they seem to have. He is still wearing the cone head, but his drain was removed today and he seems on the road to recovery.

Thanksgiving alone was barely noticed as I had Fernando to keep me from dwelling on it. I had a wonderful left over meal of pork chops and whatever else was in the fridge. Thankful for the fact all I had to do was punch in some time on the microwave.

The Pats are quickly proving they are not what we had hoped for.

That pretty much covers the high spots of my last six days. Hope yours went as well as mine did.

Art by Reginald Marsh, 1930 -from this site


BBC said...

Pats? Must be a reference to a football team and I never watch it anyway so I don't give a damn who is winning and who isn't.

I think that it's just all a big waste of money, and a waste of time to watch it.

Anyway, welcome back.

sunshine said...

#1. When you go to my blog you will notice me blabbing on about quitting blogging. (yes BBC you were right! shut the fuck up and quit gloating Like I know you probably are....:D.. kidding. Love you!)
Anyhow.. I had pms.. I was having a bad day.. deleted all my previous posts.. blah blah blah.. long story short, I'm not quitting blogging.

#2. Thank gawd you've given us an update! I was starting to get worried! Seriously! Don't go away for 6 days again! Sheesh!

#3. I'm so glad that Big F. is on the mend! I was thinking about him.

#4. What the hell? Pork chops (blah).. for Thanksgiving??? Oh. I need to speak to someone about this.....

Glad you're back. :D

((Hugs)) *with a bit of a titty press cause you were looking after your kitty so well*


El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Well, not much I can say that can top Sunshine's comment, so we'll just leave it at Welcome Back, and glad you're well, and Fernando likewise.

Kulkuri said...

Know how you feel about being off the net. Went to the Kid's for Turkey Day and her confuser was not working properly. It had a virus that said your computer has a virus and to click here to get a program to remove the virus they had put there (a friend fell for that ploy and it destroyed her laptop). The Old Lady backed up some stuff on CD's (photos & files). Then she did a restore to a date before the problem started. So far, so good, no problems reported, but meant that I wasn't able to go on-line again until getting home. Just in time for the phone line to go horseshit. Which also took out the DSL.

Randal Graves said...

Good to hear that the boss of your household is doing better. I was about to crack wise about your football team, then I remembered who I root for.

The blogging world hasn't changed if you completely ignore sunshine's single-handed takedown of that Russian spammer gang that had infiltrated Blogger. I didn't know she was a kung-fu master.

sunshine said...

Why thank you Randal. I don't like to have to do my own bragging. :D

So, here's the thing. I've been waiting like.. all day for you to come and say hi to me and look at my chocolate fudge recipe and you haven't shown up!

But don't rush in or anything. Take your time. :)


Beach Bum said...

Thanksgiving alone was barely noticed...

More or less the same here, expect for the quickly aging turkey left overs in my frig.

sunshine said...

I'm just going to assume that something has happened to your computer.
Yes. That's it. His computer is down Laura......