Sunday, January 30, 2005

Whatever, Dude.

First posted in BF - "Intelligent Design" thread - Politics & Religion - 1/30/05

The focus on facts and the Bible is a real laugher to me. We cannot assign the same rules of logic we use for science, history, etc. Spirituality is based upon beliefs so strongly held, they become facts. A non-believer can rail against the inconsistencies of physical evidence that bolster the religion. That will never convince any of the true-believers that what they know in their hearts and souls is not factual.

This basic difference between the secularists and the theocrats sets up the battle that's been waged between both for centuries. And contrary to what I think would be a logical decline in conventional spirituality, the increased scientific proof for evolution has only hardened the believer's resolve and faith in Creationism.

So, I have stopped arguing this with anyone. In the scheme of what's important in my life, deciding which group has the answer is of little consequence to me. I just endeavor to respect everyone's right to believe what they will. In the case of creationism vs. evolution, if you believe it it must be true.

Or to put it more succinctly ----Whatever, Dude.

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