Thursday, January 20, 2005

Award Shows

Back in the day of ox carts and a 90% agrarian culture, Winter was the perfect season to end one year and begin the next. Forced indoors for several months because of the wheather, people had plenty of time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. As they nibbled on hard biscuits and sucked down tepid water stored in leadened clay jugs, the act of reflecting and planning may have just kept them alive during these yearly exiles. A natural point to start and stop the clock. It also gave them time to remember the best of the previous year.

A predictable outgrowth of all this winter reflection is the abundance of award ceremonies we are inundated with in late winter and early Spring. There are awards for everything under the Sun. Most awards are singular in focus and for a given activity there is one award ceremony and one only. But in regards to our acting and singing population, it seems they cannot get enough of themselves. SAG awards, Golden Globe, Academy Award, People's Choice, MTV, Motown, Grammy,the list is endless. Jeez, their egos aren't big enough they have to be stroked with more accolades than the daily dribble printed in 2000 magazines across the World. And because some genre's feel left out, every year the list of more obscure award shows increases. Wouldn't suprise me if soon we see "The Best of Eastern Pennsylvania Polka" Ceremony with 2 hours of grateful polka stars blowing kisses and squeezing countless polka numbers on their sequined covered accordions.

What especially intrigues me is the growth of obscure awards within each award ceremony. The Oscars started out with what , maybe 20 awards of varying categories. Now it seems there are hundreds. "And now, the best performance in a foreign film by a one-armed dwarf, the nominees are". And then they actually come up with 3 nominees.

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