Saturday, January 01, 2005

Tomorrow never arrives

When I was a kid, I would get excited about something that was scheduled to happen in the future. A road trip, a visit to a friend, a movie, etc. And I would pester whoever was around with, "Tomorrow we're gonna......." Like a dog with a bone, I would not let up. My dad dealt with this youthful exuberance for only so long. And then he would say, "Tomorrow never arrives". For some reason this always stopped me in my tracks and created synapse collapse long enough so that I was distracted from my mania.

I would think about this concept of "Tomorrow never arrives" and decide that yes, it does. And I would say so. To that, my dad would say "No Mike, you are wrong. It does not exist. By the time it is tomorrow, it is today". And he had me. Caught. Pinned. I had no retort.

Off and on he would have the chance to hit me with this. And each time, since i was just a bonehead kid, I would get sucked in. And then one day a light bulb went off and I knew I had him. I purposefully baited him and he came up with his standard, "Tomorrow never arrives" line.

Instead of looking my usual confused self, I grinned and said, " Yeah it does Dad." I can remember him looking at me differently that time. I must have placed the right inflection or had the right body language. I continued, " Tomorrow exists. Today is yesterday's tomorrow." And I walked away.

Anyway, just a little silliness from my past as I reflect on this New Year's Day. Happy New Year folks!

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