Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Dumb Phone Call

The Dumb phone Call - BF - 11/16/04

The dumb phone call. I just love the dumb phone call.

A month or so ago I got this call at my shop. I answered, "Good Afternoon, CRUM Cycles". Silence. So I said it again. " Good afternoon, CRUM Cycles"

A female voice finally asked, "Is Alice there?'"

I said, "Ma'am, I think you have the wrong number. There is no Alice here. This is a bike shop."

"Are you sure?"

I looked around the store, no one but me and bike stuff. "Uh, No Ma'am, just me."

"Well, she gave me this number. She told me to call. She must be there. Could you please check again."

"Ma'am, I think you have dialed the wrong number. What number did you want to dial?"

And this was the kicker. She said, "Don't you know? You answered the phone."

I had to hang up, I couldn't argue with that logic. She had me. I laughed for twenty minutes. She never called back. She must have finally found Alice.

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sprinkle4 said...

I feel your pain. Like when someone comes into the restaurant where I work and orders lemonade. "We don't serve lemonade." "Are you sure?" "Ummmmm.....yeah." "Well, didn't you used to have it?" "Don't know but I do know we don't have it now." "Well, do you have raspberry lemonade?"
Ahhhhh...ya gotta love dumb people. Well, actually, not you don't; you just have to keep yourself from killing them. :)