Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Post That Keeps on Giving - Wingers with Woodies Revisited

Just before the end of the last year I had momentarily considered doing a "Best of 2010" retrospective regarding what I considered my favorite posts of 2010.  I gave up on the idea.  Not sure why, but I did.

Then this AM I opened my blog and there in front of me was another new comment on a post I wrote back in January of 2010.  Of all the posts to my blog, this one post has by far had the most hits and resulted in the most consistent flow of comments.  Not many of them have been friendly comments either.

Since I have a moderation hold on any post older than two weeks, I see every comment that comes in before it posts.  I do that to try to limit the amount of spam that used to sneak in the back door so to speak.
Seems there are folks on the Right side of aisle who take exception to my "Wingers With Woodies" post.  It is not what I consider a post that deserves the attention it is getting, but it certainly has pissed off someone or a few someones.  At first I deleted any comment that was posted as "anonymous".  But so many great ones were being missed I decided to post them when the acrimony was not filled with profanity and racist stupidity aimed at Obama.  I bet I deleted 30 or so comments before they had a chance. 

The most recent comment received this morning, over a year after I wrote the post:

"Anonymous said...
By the looks of his pic Mr. Macrum is really Mr. Macscum. Why the hell don't you take a long shower and shave and clean up? And while you're at it wash your mouth out with Lysol. Your politics are twisted, and besides needing to clean up your brain is badly misguided. "

This one is fairly typical of the kind of comment you might find if I had posted all that came in.  Obviously most folks commenting on my post have little experience as trolls or as writers. Rather than make me mad, this comment made my day.  I just love it.  It is indeed a keeper.  I published it to the post and will respond once I have finished this post about it.

To all you Wingers out there swingin serious wood over what I write, please stop by.  Your comments bring a smile to my face and reinforce my contention that the only reason the Right is successful is because they appeal to the lowest common denominator of our great population.

Y'all have a great day.................................................

Image from 2040 World View  - Had I noticed that Ms Perino wore a halo, I would have never called her a Right Wing Hack.  One more reminder that God loves Conservatives more than the rest of us.


Kulkuri said...

RE: the comments, and I thought I needed to get a life!! I guess everyone needs a hobby and leaving nasty wing-nutty comments seems to be the hobby of choice for a lot of people. I usually don't get comments like those this post got, I have deleted most anonymous comments and/or say everyone is entitled to their opinions but not their own facts.(Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one.)

The Blog Fodder said...

Isn't it fun. At least the Right read your blog. I look at a Map of the World where my readers are red dotted and both edges of the USA are represented more than a little but the middle is pretty empty. I do have a fan in Kansas, though. He is a pretty lonely, thinking man who has traveled the world and seen much.

Demeur said...

Funny how like minded people gravitate to each other. Problem with right wing blogs is there's no objectivity. I think that's why I like Average American Patriot. Jim is open to different thinking. A good education sure makes a difference.

I now hear that there is an actual difference in the brains of liberals and conservatives. I think that may be worth further study.

Randal Graves said...

Just tell them that god has a beard & that if they hate you, they hate god.

Tom Harper said...

I also have several old posts that get lots of visits, through web searches, and the occasional comment.

I have comment moderation, but for old posts I usually go ahead and publish negative comments. I don't usually get anything quite as colorful as the comment you're posting about.

In late 2005 I was getting bombarded mercilessly by the same demented rightwing blogger, which is why I've used comment moderation ever since. But I'm still blogging, and that person fell off the edge of the Earth several years ago.

BBC said...

Hum, I missed that post and I've been watching you for over a year. Sometimes comments are just good for pissing contests. And I don't allow anonymous comments, get a fucking ID.

Why the hell don't you take a long shower and shave and clean up?

Fuck, you look just fine to me, of course I haven't had a shower for over a year.

It varies but I average around a hundred visitors a day, boy, a fucking hundred visitors a day is sure going to change the world.

Well, more and more of them are from other countries and I'm not afraid to tell them I think they are fucking idiots so we'll see how it goes.

It's a journey you know.

BBC said...

I haven't been visiting Harper much, the fucker won't approve my comments. I don't expect him to agree, just allow the comments.

Very few times have I deleted comments, and they were being made by nut case women. I've never deleted one by a male.

BBC said...

Funny how like minded people gravitate to each other.

It's nature in action, birds of a feather flock together.

Tom Harper said...

BBC: Now I know you know this, so don't make me walk you through it for the umpteenth time:

When I delete comments at the Port Angeles blog, it has nothing to do with whether I agree or disagree with the comment. As you know, it's a forum and I'm trying to attract as many commenters as possible. Some people are turned off by comments that are full of namecalling, swearing or graphic penis jokes, so that's why I delete those comments.

Some people complain that "you didn't print my comment!" and other people complain that "why do you keep publishing all these profane comments?"

Can't please everybody.

BBC said...

Mr. Harper, a community forum such as yours is not going to change a damn thing here. You may as well go boating.

MRMacrum said...

Okay, guess I need to pay attention to this one.

Kulkiri - That one is a classic. Reminds me of the good ole days when I hung out in the Newsgroups of the 1990s. If there isn't an ability to attack the content, attack the poster. I hope Anonymous felt better after they wrote it. I know I felt better having a good chuckle after I read it.

Blog Fodder - All you need to do is criticize or make ridiculous statements about the Right's "chosen few" and I am sure you too could enjoy some good chuckles reading their spleen venting.

Demeur - The rank n file of the Right not objective? Just the kind of comment I'd expect from a pinko.

Randal - For many of them God looks like Pat Boone from the 1950s movie classic "State Fair". You know, where all the kids are white and wholesome and they use words like "Golly Gee" when they look up from they Bibles.

Tom Harper - When I first started my blog, I was pestered hard by some yahoo I pissed off on a political forum. I turned off my comments for 2 years. Some of them are just too good at being obnoxious.

BBC - Speak of the devil - ;)

Billy, sometimes you are a tad much to take. But I will give you credit. You say what's on your mind without much fluff, no make any fluff. I think I'm warming up to you again.

You know it isn't that hard to be obnoxious and do it civilly. When all they read is the profanity and horn dog comments, the message gets lost in an instant.

WV said...

Thanks for the mention. I find Sarah Palin posts continue to generate interest for months. - 2040Worldview.