Monday, January 31, 2011

How Much Time

I woke up this morning with these words on my mind - "How much time".  Not really posed as a question being asked, but more that they were a smaller part of a larger thought.  I searched for some memories of the last dream I was having.  Nothing but a memory of climbing crowded stairs that brought me from one old Euro village street to another old Euro village street.  Seated or standing on the steps were laughing people exchanging pleasantries in some unidentifiable language.  I had to wind my way through as I climbed the stairs.  Recall failed once I hit the next street level.  No help there.

How Much Time  - I considered these words as they related to my bike shop.  Worries over the bike shop bring these words to the forefront on a regular weekly, every other day, almost constant concern as I struggle to pay vendors, power companies, phone companies, and loan companies.  "Payment due by........"  and all that.  The slacker income of winter always puts an emphasis on these words.  But the emotion I felt when I woke up to these three words was not the emotion of a man overwhelmed by crushing debt.  Oh I'm being crushed alright, but there was something else on my mind.

How Much Time - I briefly wondered if my recent diddlin and fiddlin around websites dedicated to the Mayan Calendar might be what I was worrying about.  My conscious self really does not care about worrying whether the Mayan intelligentsia got it right or not.  What happens or doesn't happen happens all the time.  I deal with it as it happens or doesn't happen.  But what about the guy I become in my dreams?  Maybe that guy is really worried about it.  Hey George Lucas is worried about it, maybe I ought to be also...................Nah, the Mike in my dreams is usually less concerned about the shit Life throws at us than the Mike who actually deals with it out here in the Real World.

HOW MUCH TIME - Now I'm getting angry.  You can tell because I used all capitals there back a few words.  What the Hell was I thinking about when I left these three words hanging in my sleep for me to pick up and run with when I woke up.  Maybe it is the fact that I think more about what time I have left than the time I used to have  ...........................Nope.  Every time I try to project into my future, all I see is nothing.  I treat the future the same way I did 40 years ago.  It just does not exist until I get there.

Okay.  After two cups of coffee and more head scratching than those three words deserve, I have decided to drop them from my list of daily concerns.  If "how much time" is important, I will find out how important and how much time was left when it finally runs out.

Classic Monday I guess...................................................

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Beach Bum said...

Already heard something from the doomsdayers that they are regrouping, again, and saying 2014 will be the final year.

If we are starting a pool for the end of human civilization I'm calling 2036, there is a huge asteroid coming damn close and the rocket boys and girls haven't ruled out it being influenced by the gravity of another space rock and hitting Earth.

Kulkuri said...

The Mayan calendar ends in 2012, but I figure they thought that was far enough for then and that hey had many centuries to crave another one, then their civilization ended before they could crave a new one. The Old Lady says it was circular and would probably start over when you reached the end.

There are a bunch of Bible-Bangers betting on May 21, 2011 being the beginning of the "End Times"!! Would be nice if they left then.

If we knew how the world is going to end, maybe we could prepare for it. But we don't know which of the many scenarios will end the world, so how to get ready???

Mr. Charleston said...

How Much Time... infinity, or not. As Rodney Dangerfield said... "The other morning my wife had sex with me. She wanted to time an egg."

Tom Harper said...

Sounds like an interesting dream.

"I treat the future the same way I did 40 years ago. It just does not exist until I get there."

I tend to treat the future that same way.

BBC said...

Mayan Calender

Oh hell, forget that, you're not getting out of here that easy.

How much time? Until you're dead so why dwell on something when you don't know when it will be?

When I had my business I didn't take out much in loans, it was all pretty much business as I could do and afford to do and build it on a cash basis.

But I was living with a woman that was good with that and lived frugal with me while I got things going. Not a lot of women like that around anymore though.

The Blog Fodder said...

How much time and why are we here. Two of the most open ended philosophical questions ever asked. No easy answers but a good thought provoking essay. Thanks.

Randal Graves said...

The world will never end. Now that's frightening.

ain't for city gals said...

I'm glad we don't know how much time...if we did what would be the point of living each day?