Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kiss My Butt

I did not vote for the man.  But I am willing to give Maine's Governor LePage a chance, even with his recent refusal to attend a local MLK function.  If nothing else, he will be a constant source of entertaining buffoonery.  I just hope his public gaffes are not indicative of his governing abilities.  I will try to give him a year before I decide how he is doing.

Him telling the NAACP to kisss his butt is understandable.  It's not like MLK day has any meaning here in America.  How can the man get anything done if he is wasting time at useless functions around the state?  Isn't his job to be governor and not be some special interest group's boy toy?.....................Hmm. That's his take anyway.  Claims the NAACP is nothing but a special interest group.  He says and I quote:

"Tell 'em to kiss my butt. If they want to play the race card, come to dinner and my(black) son will talk to them."

"I'm not going to be held hostage by special interests."

I wonder if he will refuse an invite to the next Pro-Life get together?



Randal Graves said...

Man, talk about upping the ante. It used to be 'my black friend' & now it's 'my black son?' Well played, sir!

Tom Harper said...

It's almost refreshing to have this guy's shoot-from-the-hip approach. So many people are bigoted but try to hide it. A lot of blacks from the south have said they liked it better in the south where you know who all the racists and rednecks are, since they come out and say it. They find the northern states a lot more off-putting, because everyone is nice on the surface and then they stab you in the back.

You're probably right that when it's a "pro life" organization, or a fundraiser for his re-election campaign, he won't mind being "held hostage by special interests."

MRMacrum said...

Randal - I would have been more impressed if he had said "my black girlfriend" instead.

Tom Harper - I am looking forward to the comedy.