Saturday, January 08, 2011

Dash Jim May Have His "Fatback" But His Tube is Still Too Short

 An irrevocable $300 mistake was made today at the Bikeshop.   One of those you know you have screwed up totally and the only thing you can do is laugh or cry.  Take your pick.  Either one works I guess.

It couldn't have been a less expensive or less hard to get part Dash Jim and I ruined.  No, of course it couldn't.  Both our Karma's were heading the wrong direction this afternoon late when I neglected to check on Jim's progress with a hacksaw.  The man with the experience dropped his guard and the capable but not quite yet ready for prime time mechanic could have really used Mike's eagle eye today and not his blind one.

Failures on two levels seem to illicit a geometric expansion of the negative result.  When the checks (me) and the balances (again- me) are MIA, the focus of the rank and file (Dash Jim) became skewed and now there is a beautiful brand new stupid expensive carbon fiber fork beginning it's existence with it's steerer tube too short.

An old Frenchman I used to bang nails with on occasion always rode me hard when I was the "cut bitch".  "Mike you see that board there?  You measure it twice before I hear the chop saw." 

"Yeah, Yeah, Reny, I got it covered - Measure twice, cut once, blah blah blah."  And I would go into a slow burn at his constant harping on the subject. 

Well maybe I should have listened to Reny yesterday.  Lord knows I had plenty of his advice stored up somewhere in my brain.

Later....................I have some crying to do and then maybe a laugh or two.

Image taken on Dave P's fancy new high falutin Black-ish Berry-ish Ipod-ish, Kindle-like multimedia gizmo the size of a pack of Lucky's.  I wonder if it has a machine gun and rocket launcher stashed somewhere inside?


David Barber said...

Better to try and laugh, Mike. What's the deal with the bike in the picture. Looks like it has illuminated wheels, or is it the light from the shop windows?? Looks pretty cool either way!

Keep on keeping on, mate!!

Kulkuri said...

Having worked with graphite on a plastic airplane(LearFan) I know it is possible to glue graphite pieces together, but I think in this case the results would not be very good.

Sometimes I joke about "Cut it three times and it's still too short!!"

The Blog Fodder said...

Not much on metal work but woodwork, sure. Many a board cut three times and still too short as Kulkuri said.

Tough one. Might as well laugh or get a big hammer and beat something inanimate to death.

Years back, a guy I worked for saw his neighbour get the tractor stuck, rip a rail off the fence and proceed to wale on the tractor.

BBC said...

Ah, the fuck up fairy visited hey?

Boy, the guys above are slow, I only have to cut boards twice to get them too short.

BBC said...

Measure twice and still get the measurement wrong when you transfer it to the board.

That damn fuck up fairy sure is a pesky bitch.

PipeTobacco said...


I am almost to the point where I will always measure things TOO BIG, and then hem and haw and then file off little bits (be it metal, wood, plastic etc) in an aggravatingly slow process because I get so damn worked up at myself when I cut something shorter (even after measuring MANY times).

Those wheels DO look like they are lit up... if that is real... tell me about them. They do look very good.


Tom Harper said...

"Image taken on Dave P's fancy new high falutin Black-ish Berry-ish Ipod-ish, Kindle-like multimedia gizmo the size of a pack of Lucky's."

Damn, I feel old. For decades they've been talking about computers and other gizmos getting smaller and smaller while they're getting more power and more capabilities. And suddenly the future is here.

Randal Graves said...

This only proves that you should have been a banker.