Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nothing Feels Like the Present

I did not watch the debate last night.  I stepped downstairs to my basement and made ten dollars the hard way.  Instead of watching promise makers and promise breakers have a pissing match, I was productive. When I was done I had not even come close to the US federal minimum wage.  I recycled.  I produced a commodity.  I performed meaningful manual labor.  Yes, by the time I was done, that which had been misplaced and forgotten these many years was found again and put to good use.

I hand rolled 1000 pennies from a dusty Ball canning jar I found buried in a closet.  I made it about half way through that Ball canning jar before my hands, my interest, and will had run out.  I have $10 dollars more to add to the bike shop deposit today and about four pounds of Lincoln Head pennies are on their way to recirculate around the good ole USA.

What a useless coin - the penny.  They cost more than a penny to mint.  Their buying power is pretty much useless unless they gang up into rolls of fifty.  They are now just so much dead weight, creating serious pocket droop and cluttering up every purse.

This was not always so.  When I was a kid, a penny could actually buy something.  A hip corner store would have so many penny candy options, a kid could spend an hour if they let them picking out the tasty sweet morsels that would fit their mood that day.  Jaw Breakers, Atomic Fireballs, and small round chunks of Tootsie roll wrapped just like their big nickel brother.  Lollipops of every color and hue, and small Brown Cows mooing from their small bin. 

Yeah, a penny was worth something when I was a kid.  And so what if I'm dating myself.  This one fond memory I would love to see come back.  Sadly, returning to times fondly remembered does not happen.  We can try, but they only seem the same in our minds.  1950s rock n roll diners, resurgence of the Bell Bottom and the return of Christ will never halt our participation in the expanding Universe.

Time marches on..................

Nothing feels like the Present.................Not even the Past.



Justo Xjustice said...

Operation Archangel

rich millionaires with their heads up the arses

I think this qualifies as a DOS attack... for RATS IN A TRAP


you can thank RANDI



0 min 33 sec - Randi in the RED SHIRT - signifying the *bl..dy deed* that is about to happen

1min 18 sec - Banachek talks about respect for the claimant and then they mock "these kind" of people in the final part

3 min 20 sec - the test of the power bracelet that increases a person's energy and balance. Notice our challenge is all about POWER & BALANCE, proving the existence of a HIGHER POWER

5 min 15 sec TEST BEGINS. Skeptics one by one stand in CRUCIFIXION POSE

1 hr 10 min 21 sec Test is ended in failure

1 hr 10 min 30 sec request is made to make change in the PROTOCOL

1 hr 10 min 51 sec Applause is made by all those who wanted him to fail from the very beginning

1 hr 25 min 39 sec Now they talk about the Nightline clip that was filmed in Manhattan, also the scene of the 9/11 event

1hr 28 min 42 sec - They talk about make-shift tests. They think that because no one can win the prize that psychic phenomena does not exist

1 hr 29 min 45 sec Banachek says "the majority of *these* people.'" A contemptuous reference that occurs repeatedly

1 hr 31 min 53 sec The reference to envelopes. Remember the 911 in Angel's envelope!

1 hr 37 min 11 sec Swiss says he is not worried about a paranormal event happening. Little does he know what is actually taking place

1 hr 39 min 50 sec The mocking of SPIRITS!

1 hr 40 min 27 sec Reference made to the TERROR of witnessing a supernatural event, i.e, the blood leaving the face

1 hr 41 min 15 sec Reference to "these people"

1 hr 41 min 40 sec Belief in the supernatural is claimed to be a psychological defence mechanism to cope with reality. Swiss talks about how desperate the psychics become when debunked. Little does he know what is happening to the skeptics!



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The Blog Fodder said...

You sure picked up a looney.

1000 pennies; 20 rolls of 50. Dead right it is dead weight and should be scrapped. Round it up or down when cash is involved. Pay it out in candy or something but get rid of it. I think Canada is trying also.

Nan said...

Even I don't bother rolling pennies. I wait until we've got about the equivalent of a 2-pound coffee can full and then carry them down to my credit union for them to run through the machine.

The one thing a penny is still good for is creating souvenirs at a zoo, museum, or amusement park. Did you know they actually sell albums in which you can keep your pressed pennies neatly organized? And there's an iPhone app that allows you to locate pressed penny machines as you travel? Still more proof that humans are capable of turning anything into an obsession. . .

MRMacrum said...

Blog Fodder - I was going to delete Justin's comment. It is off the wall for sure. But then I opened a couple of the utube links and damned if I did not get into the discussion of creation, evolution, science, etc. There is even one decent one by Bill Nye, the Science Guy.

Nan - Figures someone would come up with a clever use for the penny. Come to think of it, I have a souvenir penny of the type you describe. I think it is from my punk teen days when I wasted away hours at a time stoned out of my gourd on the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland.

BBC said...

I did not watch the debate last night.

I haven't watched one for 20 years.

I don't pile up a lot of pennies, this is a sales tax state so I just keep passing them on being as almost everything I buy involves a few pennies.

Mr. Charleston said...

The problem with replacing the penny is, on what coin would you put Honest Abe?