Friday, October 26, 2012

Having a Gay Ole Time

Just thinking about Gay Marriage fries my ass.  Or should I say just thinking about the fact it is not sanctioned by most states nor the federal government fries my ass.  Or maybe what really pisses me off is that it is even an issue.  Of all the stupid things to be legislating, marriage has to be near the top of the list.  And I do not care what God may or may not think.  God is in his TOC (Tactical Operations Center).  He may or may not have his headset tuned into our petty planet.  Even if he does, any signals he may or may not be sending are mixed at best.  And please do not refer me to the Bible.  That book of parables makes less sense than Aesop's Tales.

Something tells me God or the celestial bureaucrat he put in charge could give a rat's ass whether the plumbing between consenting adults meshes as intended.  Come on.  Just how tight of an ass are these homophobes packing they want to interfere in the love affairs of others?  Shouldn't same sex couples be entitled to the same wonderful misery bliss the rest of us have.

I know.  I know.  I should be respectful of the religious views of others.  That's what I am told.  Sorry.  I feel an obligation to respect their right to believe what they want.  But no way in Hell do I have to respect the view itself.  And I certainly do not have to respect the idiots who harbor such a hardline view of the world around them.

Do we really think we are such a priority God feels the need to micro manage our pedestrian existence in what is arguably a fairly large Universe?  What an egotistical bloated opinion some of us have of our importance in relation to the rest of the Cosmos.  We are but insignificant astral fleas floundering around on some back woods planet spinning out of control on the edge of the Milky Way.  God's got more important things to do than nursemaid Humanity.  Did not the Great One give us Free Will?  If so , then he's got nothing to say how we use it.  I guess he could fire off some lightening, hit us with some bad ass pests and a little pestilence.  But why would he?  If he's so talented to have come up with the Heavens, the Earth, and the Donald's excellent pompadour, why would he be so petty and bush league to get pissy over who marries who, who diddles who,  or who makes the final four on "The Voice".  Besides Humans prove time and time and again, we are our own worse enemies.  We do a fine job of screwing ourselves without God throwing in his two cents worth.

(Brief interlude - While I calm down, grab a Papst, and consider just why this pisses me off so much.)

Maine is once again attempting to get the issue of same sex marriage behind us.  Our legislators passed it once a few years back.  But outsiders who felt the need to stick their nose in our business pumped stupid amounts of money (most of it came from Utah) into the petition drive to get its repeal on the ballot.  Once they had it on the ballot, we were bombarded with so many lies and religious mumbo jumbo about how God meant marriage to be between a man and woman, the law was shot down.  Toss out enough fire and brimstone and even the most rigid fence sitter is liable to fall your way.

It took awhile, but it's back on the ballot.  I hope this time it passes.  I am so tired of hearing about it.  It looks good this time.  The negative ads are fewer and farther between than the last time.  I guess the Mormon church is pumping all their spare change in Romney's direction.  Or they may have lost interest.  Who knows, who cares?  This time, there is serious bipartisan support.  Hell,  just yesterday I read even Obama has endorsed Question 1 in Maine.

Rant over...........Later...............

For your enjoyment - one of the many pro gay marriage commercials from Maine.  I especially like this one because the old duffer has such a great Maine accent.


Ol'Buzzard said...

The Catholic Church in Portland actually collected money during services to oppose the Gay Marriage Initiative. That broaches the question of why churches should not be taxed -

I think the states should not be involved in 'marriage' but should issue ONLY domestic partnership license - If churches want to hold a service and call it marriage, that's fine, but it should have no legal status.

Let's don't mistake the source of the bigotry -it is religion.

the Ol'Buzzard

BBC said...

Well, religions beside the point, gays helped bring down Greece and Rome, carry on.

Nan said...

My hope is that if churches keep preaching hate and meddling in politics, they'll lose their tax exempt status. Can you imagine how fast we'd wipe out the deficit if the IRS could go after the LDS? Or, on a local level, how much a county or township could collect in property taxes on some of those mega-churches?

Kulkuri said...

Was there supposed to be a link to a commercial?? I have enjoyed the DownEast accent on the "Bert and I" records since I was stationed at Bangah some 45yrs ago.

I agree with Ol'Buzzard, the government needs to get out of the marriage business and come up with something that gives people all the rights and privileges of current marriage and leave the term marriage to churches.

It wasn't "the gay" that brought down Greece and Rome, it was their fucked up governments. Kinda like ours is now.

IMHO, it seems like Maine has gotten crazier since they started referring to themselves as "Mainers" instead of "Mainiacs". I still have a sticker on my toolbox from the "Mainiacs" Air Guard unit at Bangah.

Demeur said...

They do have the same rights it's called civil unions.

MRMacrum said...

Ol'Buzzard - Absolutely the gov't should be out of the "marriage" with the exception of the legalities. Unfortunately it has become more than legalities. It is an issue of emotion. Who owns the "concept" of marriage. The various religions? That's bullshit and even they know they cannot own the "concept". But that does not keep them from trying.

BBC - Well now. I guess since both the ancient Greeks and the Romans were around as viable cultures for much longer than we have been, I would have to ask, why did it take so long for the gays to ruin their civilization? Or could there be other variables in that equation? ......Nah. It must be those evil homersexulls.

Nan - I am with you. Their tax exempt status seems to run counter to what a non profit is all about.

Kulkiri - I swear I put the commercial at the bottom. It was there and then it disappeared. I reinstalled it. Hopefully it is there now. I too regret the loss of the term "Maniacs". We have definitely gotten crazier.

Demeur - It depends on the state. and from what I understand, civil unions do not carry all the same legal protections, inheritance rules, etc.

BBC said...

BBC - Well now. I guess since both the ancient Greeks and the Romans were around as viable cultures for much longer than we have been, I would have to ask, why did it take so long for the gays to ruin their civilization?

Things moved slower back when we didn't have the internut. And you folks keep forgetting that there's natural gays and fucked up gays that are created by society.

BBC said...

And many want to honor all 'gays', carry on...

MRMacrum said...

BBC - Honor Gays? What's that even mean? Honor has nothing to do with it. There is no honor in being straight or gay. Just as there should be no pride in being either. We are what we are. As to society "creating" Gays, well, sorry but I don't see it. How does that happen? By allowing them to step out of the closet without persecution? Like Homosexuality didn't exist as long as no one talked about it. I have never met a gay who claimed to have chosen that lifestyle. If anything society and it's anal retentive attitude regarding the idea of heterosexuality has created more on the surface straights than there probably is. In my opinion that's totally screwed and helps degrade our culture because we refuse to face up to some of the human realities. You can't legislate or pray away sexual orientation. All a culture can do is force it underground where it festers, but never goes away.

BBC said...

Guess I've had more experience with gays than you have.

MRMacrum said...

BBC - Maybe. But something tells me you drew different conclusions from your interactions with them.