Friday, November 25, 2011

Send in the Clowns

Seems I missed some excitement.  My NewsMax feed filled me in on what has been happening during the last 24 hour news cycle.

~Obama Man "forgot" to thank God in his weekly radio address devoted this week to Thanksgiving.  The conservative tweeters are all a flutter.   More proof he really is a Muslim born in Kenya.  Everyone knows those Muslims are Godless losers who really worship at Satan's feet.

~ Michelle Bachmann demanded and received an apology from NBC for being insulted as she stepped onto the stage of the Jimmy Fallon Show.  Apparently the Godless band played a few bars of Fishbone's "Lyin Ass Bitch" as she walked on stage......................Hmm..................Yeah it was tasteless and all, but if anyone owes anyone an apology, the people of Minnesota owe this nation an apology for electing her in the first place.   Her public record however does indicate the song was more of a tribute than a slight.

~The most recent dimwit from Texas, Gov. Perry, is insisting Leon Panetta should resign as Sec/Def in protest over the automatic 500 billion dollar cut in Defense that will go down because the Congressional Stupid Super Committee failed to do it's job and suddenly the cuts that Congress set up will go on automatic.  But according to Perry it is Obama's fault.  Perry's light burns brighter everyday as the vacuum in his head increases. 

Actually, I guess I did not miss much in the last 24 hour news cycle.  Just more of the same clowns doing what they do to entertain us. 



BBC said...

God? Can't say that I've ever ran into that cocksucker.

Beach Bum said...

...but if anyone owes anyone an apology, the people of Minnesota owe this nation an apology for electing her in the first place.

As someone who owns up to the collection of idiots and morons that make up the voting population of South Carolina I fully expect elected officials of equal intelligence. But dammit I expect more from a place like Minnesota where Garrison Keillor comes from.

Randal Graves said...

"Those clowns in congress did it again. What a bunch of clowns."

"How does it keep up with the news like that?"

jadedj said...

"Perry's light burns brighter everyday as the vacuum in his head increases".

Har har har line of the year and sums up the whole damned bunch of them!

jadedj said...

Oh yeah, and did anyone else noticed that the fucker didn't mention the Spaghetti Monster either?

susan said...

At least clowns are trained to be entertaining without causing damage to themselves or the audience. Most of these characters are far too dumb to be hired by Ringling Brothers.

Tom Harper said...

Obama "forgot" to mention God during his Thanksgiving speech??? This is the last straw! He was probably too busy thinking about Allah and Karl Marx, and couldn't spare a few syllables for The Lord.

We've already got the War on Christmas and the War on Easter. I guess it was just a matter of time before that Kenyan Muslim declared a War on Thanksgiving too.

The Blog Fodder said...

Somehow I got onto NewMax mailing list but have never opened one of their newsletters. the headlines tend to suggest I would be better off not knowing what they had to say.
Love what the band did to Bachmann. Crude but funny.


I don't think we're going to come out of this alive.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Your opinion of Michele Bachmann matches mine of Nancy Pelosi. But somehow I doubt any show on NBC would ever call Madam Speaker a lyin' ass bitch.

MRMacrum said...

BBC - I would guess both of are lucky

Beach Bum - As you say, the elected seem to reflect the IQ of those who elected them.

jadedj - unfortunately their problem is contagious

susan - but not too dumb to be elected it would seem.

Tom Harper - Next thing you know we'll be asking the Queen of England to take over.

Blog Fodder - Actually I enjoy their take. It is refreshing to see what spin the the Right puts on things. Sometimes they make some valid points too.

YELLOWDOG GRANNY - Not sure I want to.

El Cerdo Ignatius - I doubt any show on Fox News has called Michelle a Lyin Ass Bitch either. But they have called Pelosi one - Many times......too many times to count. And so we don't get into a semantics battle, Lyin ass bitch is what Beck, Rush, and the rest of the right wing clown circus mean.

So I would ask you this - Did anyone from Fox ever once apologize to Nancy Pelosi?

Why does the leadership of the Right expect respect they do not give anyone else? And telling me Rush, Beck, O'Reilly, Hannity, Malkin, Coulter are not part of the leadership does not compute. They drive the anger and keep the hate afloat on their side of the aisle.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

So... You're saying it's okay to read words not spoken into what someone else says when it suits you, because you know that's what they really mean? And in the same breath you state you don't want to get into a semantics battle?

I don't wish to do battle at all, but words mean things, and so does context. And there's a difference between what one thinks and what comes out of one's mouth. I know that all kinds of commentators on the Right have called Nancy Pelosi a liar. I doubt any have issued a retraction or apology. As examples of this sentiment, I know Dennis Miller (while speaking as a political commentator on Fox News) called Nancy Pelosi "the pre-eminent liar of her generation." And Mort Kondrake (also on Fox News, speaking as a political commentator) called Nancy Pelosi "the wicked witch of the West."

But we're not talking about the GOP's leaders - official, de facto, perceived or imagined - or what political commentators said. We're talking about a late night comedy talk show / variety show on NBC. So, I'll repeat the accusation but I'll be clearer: I doubt any late night talk show or comedy show or variety show on network television has ever called Nancy Pelosi a lying ass bitch.

You might say it's apples and apples while I say it's apples and oranges. You might also say it doesn't matter that Rush and Hannity and O'Reilly and Malkin and everyone else on the Right haven't used the words "lyin' ass bitch" because you know that's what they mean anyway (just look at Miller and Kondrake!), but I'm not going to grant you that point either. I'm sure there are lots of times when you've thought things about someone that are much worse than what actually comes out of your mouth when you complain about them or criticize them or even insult them, because most people take the edge off when they interact with others. I don't think we'd be better off having our behaviour judged by assumed sentiments instead of what we actually say.

I will add, on a more positive note, that I agree that Rick Perry's elevator stops far short of the top floor.

MRMacrum said...

El Cerdo Ignatius - Touche. Caught me wanting the cake while wolfing it down. But it is not about semantics, it is about the bar set by one side for the actions of the other. Rather than finding common ground, we would rather piss down each other's leg.

I am positive the leaders of this country do not want us to find common ground. That would spell trouble big time for all them - on either side.

So they lead us into meaningless debate to twist our attention to matters that make no difference. And yeah, what they think when they say is as important as what comes out of their mouth. Because it is what they think they actually act on, not what comes out of their mouth.

My perception of the Right was formulated as a child growing up in a house on the Right side of the street. Early on it was obvious that rules of behaviour were comprised of two sets. One for criticizing the actions of the Left and another set less demanding for their own side. And yeah later on, I figured out that the Left does the same thing. And it pisses me off. We expect civil discourse, then we should all practice it, not just demand that the other side practice it.

And just so you know, you are the most civil conservative I have had the pleasure of knowing in years. Politics aside, I think we have a lot of common ground.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Dadgummit, Crum, that's the nicest thing anyone's said to me in ages. Thanks.

The house I grew up in was apolitical - my dad died young and early, so to this day I really don't know what his politics were. I suspect he was probably an issues-oriented, bellweather type of voter, voting for the liberal or conservative depending on the times and what he thought of the candidate. But it's just a hunch.

My mother told me recently that she usually votes Liberal (I suppressed a gasp...hey, it's my mom). My assessment of her would be fairly centrist and not ideological at all.

My conservatism is therefore of unknown origins.

Your point about the leaders not wanting common ground is a point I have made about some (but not all) politicians in some (but not all) political spheres and jurisdictions in Canada. It would put an awful lot of people out of work if too many made a habit of pointing out areas of agreement between the camps.