Thursday, November 17, 2011


I have recently attempted to re-immerse myself into the Blogging World.  Now that winter is closing in and my shop has slowed to a crawl, I find my mind has dumped much of the business related concerns and stress.  This has left a hole.  Left an opportunity to work what's left of my mind on other pursuits.

So I have begun to reacquaint myself with many of my old blogging friends  and locate a few new blogs I will visit again in the future.  One thing I have noticed after being MIA most of this year is how much slicker and hip many of the blogs I visit have become.  The contrast is stark when I always come back to this humble and dusty place I call "Lost in the BoZone".  Well with the exception of Randal's blog.  His is as dusty and retro grouch as mine is.

As I stated in my last post "Retro-Grouching", I hate change as a rule.  I have learned to almost accept change I have no control over.  But where I dig my heels in is change where I can have an impact in keeping it at bay.  My life is riddled with events and phases where I carried the "Fight Change" banner to levels of useless, just being contrary to be contrary heights of stupidity.   My dad always contended that calling someone "hardheaded" was just a nice way of calling them a moron.  He refused to call me hardheaded.  It was moron or nothing.

So I recognize the issue of being out of the current blog fashion loop.  And yeah, my blog could use some gusseying up.  But if I am gonna change anything here, I will have to go through a period of agony first.  What ifs, what mights, and is it even worth the trouble type anguishing.    When I have satisfactorily worn out  all the what might be's, I will enter the phase of "forget it and hope the urge goes away".  Or maybe it should be called the "if I don't think about it, it doesn't exist" phase.

If the issue or supposed improvement is important enough for a variety of or even a single reason, it will refuse to let me forget it.  It will nibble at my coattails, rub back and forth between my legs, or maybe toss a claw filled paw at some dainty body part.  Even ole dogs and hard headed fools will take notice if it's painful.

Knowing my tendency to fight change just for shits and giggles and also knowing that eventually I will cave once I have absorbed enough self loathing and critical self recrimination, why don't I save myself and the World at large a lot of trouble by just jumping on board right out of the gate?

I have thought about this and well, altering a life long habit would entail ....yeah that's right, it would mean change.  Hmmm.  Think I'll forget about it and hope it goes away.

Keep it "tween the ditches....................................

If you got this far only after reading the above post, then you realize the image has nothing at all to do with the written words.  I thought I'd throw Randal a bone, er, or maybe create one for him.


Beach Bum said...

And yeah, my blog could use some gusseying up.

A few classes in HTML programming made me very dangerous on my previous blog. Started playing with the code and screwed things up so bad I deleted the whole thing and restated.

Since I saved all my posts on my hard drive I thought everything was cool and that I would reincorporate it into the Carolina Parrothead blog. That is until my son downloaded a game containing a virus which forced me to use the reboot disc.

As for the book cover, as a kid my uncles hid similar books which of course I found since I was the explorer type, messed me up to this day.

jadedj said...

If that paperback depicted is a sample of the new old grouch, I give the renovation 5 stars.

And incidentally, I am rethinking my relationship with the neighborhood library. I think more frequent future visits on my part are a distinct possibility.

Tom Harper said...

Damn it, and I plodded through the entire post just to get the facts on that picture :)

jadedj said...

Well, sheeeeeeeit, I'm thinking anon pretty much un-summed it up.

BBC said...

I've never felt any need to gussy my blog up more, it's looked the same for ages and I like to think followers feel comfortable there when they visit cuz it isn't always changing.

The background and side links are beside the point, I seldom pay attention to that shit when I visit blogs, I'm just there for the current post.

Some blogs have so much gussied up shit on them that even with high speed they are slow to load.

Just gussy up your posts with pictures like that and other things, fuck the background, as I type these words I don't even recall what yours looks like. :-)

Ol'Buzzard said...

It seems we ride in the same canoe. My wife always says that if I drown in the river, she will look for me up stream. I have to admit that when all else fails I will consider acting reasonable - and then say fuck-it.
the Ol'Buzzard

Randal Graves said...

You'd be grouchy too if the library was nothing like portraying in such salacious literature.