Thursday, November 03, 2011

Black & White

And yet another ghost from Herman Cain's past rises up to haunt his so very busy present.

Where have I seen this, experienced this, noticed this same scenario playing out on the national political scene? Just what is so familiar about a black conservative trying to land a job at the top of the national political heap who is also suddenly embroiled hard into allegations of sexual misconduct in their past?
Like a broken record, or maybe just a recurring theme, I remember the first black conservative who was up to his ass in controversy involving alleged sexual misdeeds. His name was Clarence. And he somehow managed to skirt the damage and now sits large and in charge on the bench of the highest court in the land.

Sadly, Herman Cain, well, let's call him a Thomas protege of sorts, anyway, Herman's fate is not in the hands of a political majority, his fate rests on the tide of public opinion. Herman has no legal safeguards, no loopholes for lawyers to come up with. He can only say he did not do it and it is up to us whether we believe him.

The pundits on the Right immediately cried foul, using the "R" word and laying blame on the sleaze bags on the Left. As it turns out, Herman's recent troubles were actually stirred up by a fellow member from inside the elephant brigade. One of his opponents within his own ranks was to blame. Desperation has caused the normally loyal Republican field to go after each other like they were Democrats. Beating Obama has become that important. Sad really.

I tried to look at these two without any focus on their shared racial background. I tried to ignore the idiots on both sides who blatantly are playing this up with racial overtones. Yes, I tried to shit can the race card.

But I couldn't. Is it because I am an almost 60 year old white man? Hmmm.......... Personally I do not think so. I don't like either man, but not because of their race. They both start off in my negative column just based on how far to the right both claim to be. Thomas is inherently an unlikable person based on his public persona. And Herman, well, he's a politically clueless neophyte. And I have no interest in placing a politically clueless anyone in the White House. Add all this together and race does not even come into my equation.

Those on either side who would try to heap white guilt on me for even bringing this up should be more concerned about how their blatant exploitation of the race card will be viewed.

But this is about race and what both sides are trying to do. Many Republicans are desperate to show their party as being non racist. Backing Herman Cain is an obvious way. The Left is trying hard to make aware to the public that this is but a ploy to get their vote and in the heart of the republican doctrine racism stews and brews and tarnishes everything the Republicans try to put forward.

If there is one thing I have found after 59 years on the planet is that racism knows no political, religious, or geographical boundary. Racists exist everywhere. And if we are honest with ourselves, no matter our color, we all have had some unkind thoughts, or painted with broad brushes our opinion based on racial stereotypes. What differentiates a hard core racist from the occasional racial generalization is what we say and do publicly. If I think like that, then any white guilt anyone wishes to heap on me is a waste of time. I hold my head up and know that once I figured things out about the time I turned 16, I have treated anyone I met as MLK would have me treat them. Character not color.



BBC said...

Folitics, bah, nothing is black and white anymore, it's all shades of gray and chaos.

Vote for the idiot of your choice.

Kulkuri said...

There's a big difference between Cain and Thomas. Cain had sexual harassment charges filed against him and the organization he worked for settled by paying off the complainants. No charges were filed against Thomas. That happened long enough ago that women were afraid to complain.

Ol'Buzzard said...

Good post: ditto
the Ol'Buzzard