Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Master Works His Magic

So I'm sitting here this beautiful bright morning. I am not outside enjoying the early morning Sun while beginning the inevitable Spring Clean Up I always turn into Summer Clean Up. If I do one thing well, it is my well honed ability to hold things not just until tomorrow, but often until Hell freezes over. If hearings were held, my darling wife would be the first to testify.

Okay, so we all know I am a slacker. In my defense though, at least I am not a murderer, solo or mass. I obey most traffic laws. I indulge in spirits only occasionally. And I still have hair on my head. Wouldn't you say this multitude of positive traits somehow balances the scale?

Yeah, yeah. My wife doesn't think so either. Jeezum. What's it take to make a positive impression these days?

I read somewhere that as we age, time actually does slow down for us. Or put a different way, old fogies don't slow down, the World speeds up. That there are measurable changes in how old fart brains function and how young punk brains function.


I wonder how much money we wasted on studies, measurements, diagnostic tests to tell us something that has been obvious for I am guessing forever? I guess it's not a fact until we have spent multi millions on it.

I'm sorry but I really do need to cut this short. That warm sun beating through my dusty window is just too appealing. Think I'll find that lawn chair I left in the yard last Fall and set it up next to the Well and suck on my coffee as I consider how much yard work I can skip in the next few hours.


Image - My Grandmother(father's side) as a new bride. I would guess around 1900 - 1902. My dad was born in 1905 and you know those Victorian White Folk, had to get wound up before any sparks flew in the bedroom.


Beach Bum said...

And I still have hair on my head.

That one hurt Mike. LOL!!!

Yeah, yeah. My wife doesn't think so either.

Some things are universal. Given how that many get away with far worse but yet are acclaimed as celebrities and get elected to Congress and the White House (Bush)I figure they must have been done something world saving in a pervious life.

Demeur said...

I have a little metal sign on my desk here that says: Work promised for today will be ready tomorrow.....maybe!

Have we turned into grumpy I don't give a cr*p old farts? You know the ones you used to think were weird when you were a kid. Now you kids get off my lawn!
So you have a whole list of roundtoits. Will the world stop revolving because you didn't do this or that? Yeah I'll get round to it some day.

PipeTobacco said...


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Thank you, you have been a favorite area for me to visit.


Randal Graves said...

No, YOU kids get off MY lawn.

Aw man, I think the clock is slooowwwww....

Snowbrush said...

"Wouldn't you say this multitude of positive traits somehow balances the scale?"

Oh, heavens no, whatever gave you THAT idea--the absence of a fundamentalist Christian upbringing, perhaps?

David Barber said...

I'm a few years behind you Mike but I'm a sod for doing things tomorrow. Life's too short and times goes by too fast. I'll catch up on my commenting over the next few days or so.

Keep well bud, David.

susan said...

It's everywhere the same. The common definition of a business day is 3 eight hour work days.

Your Grandmother was beautiful but I'm guessing it might have taken a while for them to figure out how to get the corsets off.

MRMacrum said...

Beach Bum - So that's why you wear the helmet.

Demeur - My local World might turn into Hell on Earth if I don't address some of the roundtoits.

Pipe Tobacco - I did leave a comment or two. Looked like one at least made it through the battleground.

Snowbrush - A fundamentalist Christian upbringing gave us Glenn Beck, Tammy Faye and her insignifgant ex, Jim Bakker. Seems I dodged a bullet.

David Barber - Just add it to your list.

susan - That is certainly the situation in my business right now.