Thursday, March 18, 2010

Don't Mess With Me Tonight - Part Deux

Well tonight's post started off with a flourish. One of the few times I start with a title and what do I do?

Of course I plead for sympathy because I just got home and fed. I'm dead on my feet and well, hey everyone's got excuses.

So I type in the title and think I already know what I want to write, but in my excitement at coming up with just the ever so clever title, I publish it like I'm saying, "Hey you all, I'm so fuckin cool I just need to post titles. Who needs words as back up?" And I almost walked away to put my head on the first pillow I could find.

But because I am ever so enthralled at the wonder of my own words, I just had to read what I wrote. So I checked it out.

My first thought, "Hmm. Blogger is screwed up again. All that's up is the title. What's up wid dat?"

Convinced I had already written something I checked the post in draft/edit mode. And there it was in all it's grandeur. Right there where it had been all along was nothing. Nada. Empty space.

I stared at it for a moment or two. I considered the possible reasons I had chosen to publish nothing, and then also publish nothing but give it a title. I guess it really couldn't be considered nothing; more like not much of anything, but even a token something was better than nothing. This made no sense, so I continued to ponder the empty screen.

Stare at an empty screen long enough, and the number of reasons it might be empty increase in a geometrical progression for every second wasted looking at the blank page. So many possibilities came to mind, that for a minute I forgot why I was even looking at this wide expanse of nothingness in the first place. I had transcended any reason for being there. I was no longer in the moment, I was above it. Or maybe behind it. One thing's for sure I was most definitely not in front of it. Not mentally anyway.

So here we are. That wonderfully clever and witty post I had all figured out as a follow up to last night's rather testy post had hit the road and was somewhere in New Hampshire. The point of the title lost in the crowded and tight confines of the vacuum created when one contemplates nothing long enough. Eventually there is plenty of nothing and not even a hint of something.

I swear I had something to say when I sat down. I figure if I just stop the presses here, lay my head down, put my feet up and pass out, I will wake up at dark thirty in the morning knowing what I had originally come here to write. And then I will sit down and write it out. Or not. Anyway, I guess it's going to have to wait for "Don't Mess With Me Tonight - Part Tres". Tonight I'll just spin my wheels and waste some of your time.

I'm going to bed..............................


AirmanMom said...

hate when that happens!

Demeur said...

AirmanMom stole my line.

Can't tell you how many times that's happened to me and then nothing, nada zip. Then I land up not posting at all.

susan said...

Ah well, you can't say that field and sky are nothing.. in fact, they're part of everything drifting, changing, coming apart and re-forming. I was quite impressed with your post that reflected the name of your blog. Was that a double entendre?

Randal Graves said...

Being and Not-Being? You're not going to make us bust out the philosophy books, are ye?