Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fat Cats

Fat Cats in expensive threads sit around oval tables deciding the fate of the World. Assistants scurry hither and yon, arms filled with documents that hold that fate firmly in writing. Deals struck and signed with Dupont pens carry the Fat Cats' influence to the dusty streets where the little people live.

Always appearing generous when out in the light of day, at bars and in board rooms the Fat Cats snicker and dicker our hard earned assets away. They dangle cheap baubles and we rush to grab them. Even mighty governments cave and bend to the will of Fat Cats. The pols, all too eager, like pigs at the trough.

I claim I will not play their game, march to their tune. But when the rubber hits the road I still have a business to tend. So I rail against them but suck up my anger.

One day I day it will all end.
Image from Phil's Favorites - By Ilene


Demeur said...

So while they sip their Dom and give us crumbs we sit and watch their show. On and on they blather how they'll protect us but we're on to their game now. They're too busy making backroom deals with other fat cats to bother with us. And in the very end we'll have realized that they sold off America. Neatly packaged sold and purchased by some foreign buyers. And when it's all said and done they'll be buried in cash while we'll all see our demise in a cardboard box.

But cheer up Mike I hear they're throwing you a crumb or two soon. You'll be able to hire some help and get a tax break and if they stay for a year you get $1000 even if you don't need anybody since nobody's working and there's no consumer demand. Now don't you just feel ginger peachy?

Beach Bum said...

Like all the powerful before them their very nature will compel them for more and more until they overplay their hand and bring it all down or there is revolution of some type.

Either way the innocent usually pay the bills, and people think I'm strange when I ponder out loud that I doubt humans are an intelliegent species.

Demeur said...

Beach - beam me up there is no intelligent life on this planet. Now where's Spock when we need some logic?

Randal Graves said...

The little guy has gotten fucked for 6000 years. Ain't gonna change anytime soon.

MRMacrum said...

Demeur - The government can shove it's collective head a little further up its collective ass for all I care. Totally useless group in my opinion.

Beach Bum - There's always a revolt or a plague. Either one will work. The people are such dolts, they have to have their backs against the wall before they will do anything.

Randal - From your mouth to the ear of Dick Cheney. You just made his day.