Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Two on Tuesday

Mission Accomplished
I had the truck out front and ready to rock at precisely 5:32 AM yesterday morning. Two minutes behind my wife's rigid schedule. According to CRUM time, I was thirteen minutes early. I was sure I would feel her awesome wrath though when I mentioned we would have to stop for fuel before we hit the airport. But thank you Jesus, the station I chose was giving gas away at $3.52/gallon. My wife was so distracted over that small pleasure, my salvation and reprieve was had at the bargain price of twenty cents a gallon. Forget any harsh words I may have uttered in recent days about Big Oil and their greedy ways. They came through this morning. I promise to not say anything disrespectful about them for at least the next 4 hours.

I deposited my darling wife at the Manchester Airport at 7:45 AM. We were on time, leaving her plenty of time to stress and fret while she had her bags and shoes checked for dangerous materials. I was grateful that for once I was not the target of her opportunistic temper that finds it's way to the surface when she feels under the gun.

I figured I would label this "Mission Accomplished" in honor of GW Bush as he stood on that carrier wearing the flight duds. Just like W, I sit here now bragging about getting part of it right. I still have to successfully pick my sweet significant other up at the Manchester Airport on Friday. The last time did not go down as smoothly as I wanted. It certainly did not go down smoothly enough to suit her.

The Fundamentals are Sound
Senator McCain just keeps reinforcing my decision to take my vote elsewhere. Yesterday as several Wall Street giants collapsed under the weight of their own greed, John's first comment in the morning was "The fundamentals are still sound". Later that day and only after Obama slammed him hard about his statement, John decided to amend his previous statement by saying the economy was indeed sick and needed some help.

So today Senator McCain on the Today show backtracked once again. He is back feeling the "fundamentals are sound" again. Only now he says the fundamentals he meant are the American workers. Oh I see Senator. We were supposed to know that yesterday. Sorry I misunderstood you. Every thing's okay now.

I do not remember ever watching a pol who was this bad at flip flopping or did it so many times in twenty four hours. The issues being flip flopped around are one thing. We expect and seem to almost look forward to this tendency in our leaders. It is McCain's inept handling of this, the lies even Karl Rove found over the top,his irresponsible pick of a VP running mate, and his born again Republicanism that make me not trust him to be a President for the people. He has lost any good will I had for him. Ten years ago I would have voted him in. I am wondering if he might not even become a worse president than W. I was sure that we had reached the bottom of the barrel with W. Apparently, there is another one down there looking to show us how low they can go.


Middle Ditch said...

I bet that your wife is lovely, really and that you feel a bit lonely without her.

I'm glad I'm living here, even though sooner or later we will face the voting system too.

Randal Graves said...

$3.52/gallon? Can you fill up a few tanks and send 'em on down? I'll reimburse you, I swear. Once I get my stock money in.

You show up to the airport in your Commander Codpiece suit, dontcha.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Yesterday as several Wall Street giants collapsed under the weight of their own greed, John's first comment in the morning was "The fundamentals are still sound".

McCain's flip-flopping, if accurately reported, is cringe-inducing. "The fundamentals" used to be the unemployment rate, the general level of interest rates and the rate of inflation. Taken by any standard, these fundamentals are still sound. McCain would have been better off knowing what people in the financial industry call "the fundamentals" than coming up with his own lame definition. Then, when faced with complaints from his opponents, he could have honestly and reasonably stood his ground.

Later that day and only after Obama slammed him hard about his statement, John decided to amend his previous statement by saying the economy was indeed sick and needed some help.

Sick? Not the whole economy, but the financial and housing sectors are certainly sick. In need of help? From whom? What is needed, I am very sorry to report, are a few significant and earth-shaking bankruptcies, along the lines of Lehman Brothers. The abject and monumental stupidity of the mortgage lenders, borrowers, packagers, re-sellers, re-investors, and re-buyers that created this mess is so breathtaking that it boggles the mind. I hope the help you refer to (or that McCain refers to) is of the psychiatric kind. These Wall Street clowns and their enablers in bank branches and real estate offices around the USA need to be kicked very, very hard.

If "help" means "bailout", please register my (illegal) vote against it. A very small bit of regulation (hint, Uncle Sam: for a healthy mortgage and banking sector and about the right amount of financial regulation, look NORTH) would go a long way here.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

I still have to successfully pick my sweet significant other up at the Manchester Airport on Friday.

Bachelor for the week, eh? I find a little shot of WD-40 on a countertop can help lift up the most stubborn of spill residues. And if you can't get all the dishes done on Friday morning, just hide whatever's left with some of your empty pizza boxes. Turn them upside down for maximum inconspicuity.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

---the general economy IS sound. Yes its true some mega million dollar companies are going bankrupt due to their own mis-management and greed as you dully state at the top of your post. I agree with el cerdo ignatius, thes poorly managed companie should be allowed to fail and not bailed out with tax payer moneys---couse the liberal left sees the government as the answer to all things wrong, and will come up with a bail out plan. Notice the shrill tone of Obama trying to convince the Public that the sky is falling----make em scared then offer them a leftist bail out plan---its the liberal leftist way. no thanks.

Demeur said...

el cerdo
Sound economy? Housing is down. Construction is down. Retail is down. Autos are down. Service jobs exported to India. Even hospitals are laying off. Unemployment is at a five year high. Tell me what's left in our economy that isn't down? Are we looking at the same country?

Hey Mac don't forget to put the toilet seat down before she gets back.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Demeur, I didn't say the whole economy was sound. I said the fundamentals, as they are traditionally defined, are sound. Given how low the unemployment rate has been in the last ten years, saying it is at a five year high is not particularly noteworthy. I totally agree that the sectors of the US economy that you noted are facing some serious problems, but most of them are of their own making.

American Hill BIlly said...

Yep, Good Ole' McSame couldn't save his own butt, but his C*nt(John McSame's word) is loaded. He has nothing to worry about!

United In Peace And Freedom

MRMacrum said...

el cerdo ignatius - I do believe you get my point. "cringe inducing" indeed.

Demeur - Yes the fundamentals as agreed to by financial whizzes may be sound. My fundamentals and I dare say the fundamentals of a large number of Americans are not sound. Numbers crunched from earnings reports and government documents mean little to me when I know that my living depends on the money people have left after they have purchased their fundamentals.

But it does not matter. McCain's inept handling of a political fundamental just added one more reason I think he would make a bad President.

middle ditch - of course I am lonely. I have to clean the litter trays now.

randall - I often wish I had it on when getting out of bed. I am not sure why, but every other station we passed was at least 15 cents more. I wonder if an employee miffed at whoever did not punch the right key that morning when running the new daily price up the flagpole.

BBC said...

I so don't get in airplanes anymore. I haven't been in a commercial airplane for about 30 years.

Falling 15 thousand feet with a bunch of screaming people that were suddenly sorry they got on a plane would just irritate me.

My day is already pretty much fucked and I don't want to listen to them whine.

BBC said...

The economy, ha, ha, ha, I am amused. They are just trying to hold it together until after the elections.

Hum, this would be a good time to open a bike shop.

A Midnight Rider said...

Everything will be fine once we get constiutional ammendments banning abortion and some marriages.

Oh.... and bomb Iran.

1138 said...

Yep, no limit to the depths.
I just wish it were an episode of Sea Hunt and not our lives they were messing with.

Tell me do they still run the trustee's store at the State Prison?

behindblueeyes said...

I read an interesting article about McCain, the gist of which was this...McCain has always been a deeply honorable man. This honor is one of his enduring traits. Anytime he has ever done something in which he feels he has let himself down, he has enormous pangs of guilt. The author was questioning how much this campaign would actually effect him in the end.....since very obviously, he has been telling lies.

I think he is a truly great man though I wouldn't vote for him. It's sad when you think about the above, isn't it?

I watched him on the forum that he did at Columbia University about community service and I can say that he is obviously intelligent and has actually thought about things in his life as opposed to George W. I was pleasantly surprised.

But we just don't need more of the same and I'm not certain that his greatness will extend to his politics. Palin, she is a different story. The campaign has gotten so subliminal and freudian, hasn't it?