Friday, September 19, 2008

Optho-neuro-rectitus - The Battle Rages On

First, The Good News

I actually had a wrong number call up today and when informed "Keith" was not in nor had he ever been in, instead of the usual slam the phone down or impersonal click action, the caller said, "Oh I am sorry", and we parted friends.

Okay, that wasn't great news, but it was not bad news either. With the election season and negative financial picture driving almost all of my good intentions underground for the duration, it has been a struggle to even look for upbeat things to think about. Never mind write about them. So I sat and thought of the first positive thing that happened to me besides waking up breathing, and the phone call for some reason stuck out.

So in the spirit of remaining on the high ground -

I successfully completed part two of my mission to safely and on time deliver and then pick up my wife at the Manchester Airport. While I was late by 5 minutes or so, at least I had my damn cell phone turned on and within reach. I could take that call from her as she took her first steps off the plane. With communication established and my location relayed, an approximate time frame for pick up was established. Fifteen minutes later I found my wife happily waiting curbside. A short but pleasant stay on the comfortable benches next to the Sky Caps at NW Airlines had left her in good spirits. It helped immensely that her connections had gone as planned and had not loaded her grenade into the launcher. We even exchanged pleasantries and shared a meal on the way home. What a difference a silly phone call and flights leaving when they are supposed to can make sometimes.

I did a quick read through of my posts of the past month or so. I will be honest. I am not liking myself right at the moment. Well, not so much not liking myself, as not being fond of where my head's been at. With the news chock full of Hurricanes in the Gulf, Political Tornadoes tearing up the Heartland, and Financial Tsunamis giving the Financial stewards of the World Economy heart palpitations, it is understandable I guess to have developed a slight case of Optho-neuro-rectitus. For those of you who do not know of this particular but widespread disease, Optho-neuro-rectitus is a malady that strikes those people who start taking Life or themselves too seriously. Too much immersion into the negatives of every day life can create a swelling, an inflammation of the nerve that runs from the brain to the asshole. It manifests itself by giving the afflicted a shitty outlook on Life. I seem to have come down with a touch of it. Hopefully I will be able to beat it back here shortly. Let's say today was managed at semi shitty and safely out of the shitty range.

And Now The Bad News

I ain't playing this game. Not today. You want bad news, the Internet is full of it. Find your own. I will not help out today. I will not buy into the idea that it's all over but the shouting. I won't relay my misgivings about what might happen if so and so is elected or not elected. Sure Armageddon is about to happen. It's been on our doorstep for what, 2000 years at least. In geological time, that is but an instant. Not even an instant. More of a Milli-instant. A Ga-zillionth of an instant maybe. I have a feeling that no matter what, I will either be here tomorrow or I won't be. Anguishing over the possibility is sure to just re-inflame that nerve I am trying to heal.


BBC said...

So I guess even the derivative "Willy" would not be acceptable. How about "Bill"? No? Okay, Billy it is.

Bill is just fine, most folks call me Bill, a few call me Billy. A few more call me asshole, under their breath of course, ha,ha,ha.

I contend that mankind could reverse this armageddon thing, but I don't suppose that mankind is wise enough to rise up to that so it damn well just may happen.

Whatever, this planet would be better off without mankind anyway, and all those airplanes.

Most of my life I never had a cell phone and it worked just fine. I still don't have one, and it still works just fine.

Now get your butt back to work to pay those cell phone bills, sucker, ha, ha, ha.

BBC said...

If it comes to that, the last communications on this planet won't be between cell phone owners. It will be between ham radio operators.

The old technology will outlive the new, just saying. But what do I know, I'm just a stupid old man, right?

DivaJood said...

Here is good news: The Chicago Cubs Magic Number to clinch the division title is 1. It could happen on Saturday.

See? Isn't that happy news? For me at least. And, frankly, it's all about me.

Middle Ditch said...

Good! No bad news and your wife safely back home.

And a happy one!

Have a great weekend ........

Randal Graves said...

It's always good to have a backup grenade handy. One can never know when something will need to be blown up.

Wait. Are you saying we would be healthier mentally if we didn't hone our sight upon the bad stuff?

Where's the fun in being happy all the time? - diva, it's the Cubs, they'll choke - dammit, by spreading misery, I made myself happier. Argh!

Dammit, I'm never coming here again 'cause now I'm all confused and such.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

I know what your feeling, I have such moments myself, and in such moments my moods run from "ohh yeahhh, lets keep the party going", to "awwww screw it I don't wanna play anymore"----the main thing to keep in mind at all time is---no matter what we do, the sun will come up in the East.

Snave said...

Gary, you're right. Good post MrM.! When I tend to get too serious and self-important is when I do my posts about cats or scatology (i.e. the rectitis part), or do a review of a CD or something. It's always good to stop and have a laugh, or to take pleasure in the little things.