Saturday, September 13, 2008

Atta Boy Rob

This past Wednesday Senator John McCain was interviewed by Rob Caldwell of Channel Six News in Portland, Maine. This "for locals only" interview might have gone unnoticed at the national level if not for Rob's tenacious style. A local newscaster and another short 8 minute interview that must be one of many McCain handles at least weekly. Then it turned up on YouTube. Overnight responses came from around the Globe. Rob hit a home run. Hundreds of thousands of hits and/or views of the interview. "Meet the Press" has mentioned wanting to play part of the interview. Rob Caldwell did not let John side step the issues easily. Excellent interview. No matter which side you are on.

The Interview

I won't load this up with my own twist. Suffice it to say, I think Senator McCain was surprised at the insistence of Rob Caldwell. I am really pleased to have the folks at Channel Six get some real National exposure. This interview has certainly done it.

And here are some of the comments of folks who saw the interview

In other news......

Feel The Love

In a spontaneous outpouring of feel good for some slob who most days does not deserve it, Missy and soon after Old Dude both bestowed upon me a couple of fancy souvenirs to gussy up the space around here. I thank you guys and will hang one of them proudly. Hanging both might be over the top, dontcha think? But which one and where?

I know - The Blue one (because I want no questions about my masculinity. I have enough questions myself) and right over there---------->

The I hate to go to bed mad part - but sometimes sleeping slightly pissed off is all I have.

~Cell phones and brain dead humans who use them while also attempting to do something else way more important.

When approaching a 4-way stop coming off of a seriously steep down hill, it might be a good idea to park the phone and stop the car at the stop sign. You know, that 8 sided red thing that says STOP in fairly easy to read letters. Thanks lady, you almost took me out you stupid (*&^)*&^)*(^)(*^&_)((&*. And further more, you can take that cell phone and *^%(*&^)(*&^_(*. But not too deep. If it does find itself impaled too far, hopefully you were aware and sharp enough to have tied a string to it first. Having trouble with insertion? Please contact me. I would be more than happy to help.


American Hill BIlly said...

All the candidates are puppets. McSame, and his psycho dominatrix sidekick are horrible in direct spontaneous interviews.... At least that is what I see, when they skirt around the issues, and give ridiculous wave the flag answers.

The fact is our government broke, and there will be change. No matter who gets in; the quiet little whispers of militarized change are out. I do believe Obama is the puppet, which I think make the easiest/comfort zone "change"; the transition!!

Oh, Yea I hate driver's that suck. Stupid thing is it will effect them not only tickets,insurance, but all of that is tied to credit. I guess these idiot driver's don't understand full ramifications.

United In Peace And Freedom

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

Hey, it looks good there---(lol)

Demeur said...

I think we should give the police the authority to pull over a cell phone yacker take the phone and slam it on the ground. No tickets no fines no court just simply no phones while driving. I've almost been killed three times from this.

BBC said...

The only good reason for us to have this stupid form of government and politics is the hope that we can catch someone fucking on a white house couch.

Hey, entertainment is important to us you know. So who do you want to fuck on a white house couch?

I want to fuck that Palin chick. I don't want her helping to run our country, I just want to fuck her.

And in the morning the bitch can cook my breakfast. :-)

BBC said...

Um, where was I? Oh, there was some mention of cell phones. I saw it just a few weeks ago, so I know that I have one.

JM said...

I hate mobile phone addicted drivers. It's a bookable offense here if you don't have a hands-free set, and yet people still do it. I can't tell you how many times I've almost been injured or killed.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Crummy. All of it.

And the comments from bbc ... fluckin priceless.

Dawn on MDI said...

Rob Caldwell is good, and I am glad he got the recognition he deserves. I have a friend who works in production at WCSH, and she has nothing but praise for him. Which is nice, because some reporters are loathed by production staff. Not him. He's the real deal, and it is nice that he does not seem to have any inklings of heading for a bigger market.

Randal Graves said...

Since it sounds like this gent IS a real reporter, it's doubtful a bigger market would take him.

"Son, you're doing your journalistic job. You're fired."

Hey man, be happy that psycho driver as merely blabbing instead of texting. You'd be posting from beyond the grave.

Wouldn't one want the car to be a refuge from the whole hell is other people gig? Weirdos.

Snave said...

I know what you mean about people trying to multi-task while using cell phones... We have a number of four-way-stops in our town, and if one of the drivers waiting to go is on the phone, you can just about be sure that he or she won't get it right. And sometimes they will pull out in front of you when you're in the middle of the intersection, making your turn or whatever. Arrrrrgh! And I think Randal is right about texting. If they are trying to text and drive, get out of their way!

Thanks so much BBC for the best laugh I have had in a long time! That was indeed priceless.

As for Rob's interview, I think he asks the kinds of questions most Americans would like to see asked of all candidates. Tough, to the point, and potentially embarrassing in that such questioning can expose candidates' deficiencies in an embarrassing way. His interview of McCain was very revealing. I would like to see him interview Obama too. And sadly, I think there is no chance McCain ever lets Sarah Palin anywhere near this guy.

McCain neatly sidestepped a couple of questions. When he was asked about Islamic terrorism but tried to talk about the economy, and when he was asked about Palin's experience he would then simply state her opinions and his own opinions and refer to them as "experience". If opinions = experience, that makes me qualified to be the next Secretary of State! Heh!

It seemed like there were a couple of times he would gloss over a question about Palin and start talking in bigger or more nebulous terms about other things before it got around to the inevitable attacks on Obama.

What he said he likes about Maine is its senators, both Republicans, both good "reformers". Would he like Oregon as much? We have a Republican senator here, Gordon Smith, but our other one is a Democrat (Ron Wyden). It seems like he did a masterful job of using language to equate being a Republican with being "independent", and of doing the same to make it sound like all Republicans are "reformers".

I have never been to Maine, but I would very much like to go there sometime. Are all the people there Republicans, and are all the politicians reformers? 8-)

I think the word "reform" is going to be as much a verbal tic for McCain in the next eight weeks as "9-11" has been for Giuliani.

I think if McCain wants to reform something, helping police his own party would be a good place to start. It seems odd that a Republican candidate would be trying to assume the "change" mantle when what many Americans want is "change" from the Republican party. Anyway, I think that if he wanted to "reform" the GOP first before trying to "reform" Washington D.C., it might be a more productive long-term approach for his party.

MRMacrum said...

american hillbilly - I almost think I want Obama because he has not been entrenched so long he can't move in different direcions. McCain, for all hisyears, for me, that works against him. And I know enough about Palin now, there is no way I want her to have a chance of moving into the White House.

Old Dude - Yeah it does.

Demeur - Maybe for a second offense, they make them eat it too.

bbc - Jeez, what can I say. You are right as always. Knowing whos doing what and with whom in the Airport Johns seems to come in a close second.

jm- I am not too partial to cell phones period. Months, maybe even years pass between phone calls on mine.

prestor John - Yeah bbc tells it like is.

dawn of mdi - Rob proved himself in this one.

randal Graves - I dunno, seems folks like to feel connected all the time.

snave - I would love Rob to interview Obama also. He would be just as tenacious. Maine is generally considered safely blue. We seem to have lefties and righties who favor the middle of their respective sides Our two Republican women Senators have been rated less conservative than many of the Blue Dog Democrats.

1138 said...

McCain standing up for Palin's positions and record on national defense puts me to mind of Baghdad Bob.

Cell phone, mine's prepaid - I can spare the $$$ for a regular one, but I turn the damned thing off and take the battery out when I'm not making or expecting a call.
I'm not a heart surgeon or anything, nobody needs to reach me 24.7.365 and honestly no one I know is so interesting that I want/need to talk to them while going through an intersection or carwash.

BBC said...

Not all Alaskan women support Palin, lots of good pictures and some Utube.

When they run into something and shove a cell phone in their brain that's sort of entertaining. In a George Carlin way.

Demeur said...

I almost forgot about Bob - good one.
Don't own a cell phone nobody could understand me with a full face respirator on at work so the only other place I'd be would be at home - so call me at home.