Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I am guessing anyone who has been a regular, or for that matter, an erratic visitor here to the Bozone, you might notice some remodeling and furniture rearranged. I have been busy with hammer and saw to make this insane asylum look as good as I can. I dusted the knick knacks on the knick knack shelf, washed the doilies, and swept the dirt under the rug. I even made CRUM put on a new orange tee shirt. That ole grey Tee had pit stains. With all this fussin and carrying on, you might think I have taken on airs. Have no fear, I am still the same bumbling, stumbling low rent white boy I was yesterday.

Okay the truth - You might be able to handle it. I am not sure about me.


This "new look" is an accident. An accident caused by thinking I was some sort of blogging wizard guru who knew which button did what and what that prompt meant. What you see before you is the obvious truth. I am not a blogging wizard guru and I do not have a clue. I punched the wrong button in the "layout blog" section and Poof! My blog became some mished mashed jumbled up mess of images wrapped around text with ..........It was an awful and sad scene. The carnage made my stomach flip. All my tweaking and fiddling had disappeared. A tornado had touched down.

Instead of falling into some corner in the fetal position with my thumb in my mouth. Instead of mumbling while I scrutinized that spider web that some how managed to find its way into what was supposed to be a sealed window unit, I hitched up my whitey tighties, sat down in front of this computer and began the arduous and thankless task of doing it all over from scratch.

Sweat beaded on my brow as I searched for that new title image. My forehead ached as I tweaked colors. I anquished over where to set a chair or a picture. I tried a left justified set up. Then a right justified setting. I even threw all caution to the wind and tried a no justified set up. That one was interesting to say the least. Many misfires and mistakes later, I have a new blog. Well a new look anyway. Putting lipstick on this pig does nothing to change the species.

Let me know what you think.


Demeur said...

I'm quite impressed. This looks like the fall roll out like the cars and tv shows. The colors work well. I always hated blogs that are white text on a black background, too hard on the eyes. So who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Randal Graves said...

Those are the eyes of a madman. A madman!

Which is one reason why I like the new look. Though I think I'll stick with my white text on a black background.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

Wow, what a difference a day makes, very nice----not your everyday blog look I like it---you have my approval. (yeah bet ya laid awake all night worrying about getting that huh? (lol) So what have we learned here---maybe to take the time to occassionally do a backup for one's file. (note the lil "backup or die" pic on my side bar---thats to remind ME to do backups of the stuff I don't want to lose.---which reminds me-----
PS. feel free to copy the pic from my sidebar if ya think it will help ya sleep better nights.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

The new look is great, Crum. The close-up of the eyes across the masthead is... uh, very original. Okay, the word is frightening, but still, it looks excellent.

Good job.

Dawn on MDI said...

The title picture looks upsettingly like David Koresh. I wasn't nuts about the masks (they took up too much space) but I think I like them better than the grainy 1970s enlargement thing. Also, the colored text is difficult for my eyes to read.

I like your blog because I like your thoughts and ideas and philosophies and how you put them all into words. I'll sift through the rest to get to them, but it would be easier if I didn't have to.

BBC said...

I don't change my blogs much after starting one. That would just make me another monkey fucking around.

Not that this monkey doesn't fuck around some. :-)

Just not a lot with my blogs. But it looks okay to me, whateverthefuckyoulike is okay with me.

Unless I don't like it, and then you will hear about it. LOL

MRMacrum said...

Deneur - well another model Header just got rolled out. But I kept the rest. I like it also.

randall - the madman had to go. It was like looking into a mirror.

Old Dude - Yeah I should back up more often. But going forward is all I seem able to do most days.

el cerdo ignatius - Frightening? Well, just for you, I made the bad man go away.

dawn - David Koresh? Hmm. I never thought about it. No one ever told me that I had the eyes of a religious zealot. My sister in law once saved a picture from their paper of a guy robbing a bank. She sent it to me in the mail with these words, "Is this You?" Do you want to know what I answered?

bbc - I play with my computer or I play with something else. You know how us monkeys are.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Sorry, Crum, that was just a weak attempt at humour. But I do definitely like the hazy photo you have put up in its place. The haze kind of dovetails nicely with the concept of the "bozone".

Did you take this photo yer own self?

1138 said...

There are no accidents.
So, you're either a victim or an innovator...
You can try and convince us, or we can just decide for you without help.
So far it looks like you want us to believe you're a victim of yourself and a struggling innovator who may, or may not be able to overcome the unfair task set up by the manster.

I refuse to judge the victim, but I'm willing to execute the perpetrator or the evil misdeed ;)

1138 said...

btw this stuff doesn't happen on those sophisticated message boards

Dawn on MDI said...

Thanks for getting rid of the creepy picture. The unattached eyes were just too much. The rest I will get used to until you change to something else and then I won't like that. Welcome to my world. Be grateful you don't get hot flashes. Bleah.

BBC said...

Don't worry, Dawn will disappear in the mist one day. :-)

BBC said...

Hey, I don't like that fucking sunset, ha ha ha.

MRMacrum said...

el Cerdo ignatius - Yes, I took that picture myself. One of the Dawns I caught on a recent camping trip. Enhanced of course. But not much. Just a little. I swear it.

1138 - I am a victim innovator. I am a victim of my own madness/stupidity. I innovate as a defense mechanism only. While there may be no accidents in your neck, here in Acton, I cause at least several a day.

dawn - I really had no choice. The eyes were getting to me also. Not so much creeping me out, but well, no one I know likes to have someone hanging over them while they attempt anything. The guy was driving me batty with all his suggestions and criticisms. So I booted his sorry butt out.

bbc - well it is lucky for me that you hate sunsets. Because the picture is of the dawn. Enhanced just a tad.