Sunday, December 09, 2012

They're Gonna Take Away Our Guns

So I am not a real macho guy I guess.  I would be if I cared more about guns, ammo, and making sure no one was going to take them away from me.  But I don't care about guns one way or the other.  I think the fuss and dust stirred up by either side of the issue just helps to make this grand land of ours that much more interesting.   Own a gun.  Don't own a gun.  I could not care less.  Apparently though this gun issue ranks just below making it to Heaven and only slightly above keeping those damn homersexualls in their place by God.

Anyway, so here I am early Sunday morning, coffee cup full of fresh brew in hand,  and sitting in front the computer catching up on all the stupidity I may have missed out on the new politics forum since yesterday at this time.  Well lookee there, a new poll:

"Should Photo ID be Required Before Buying Ammunition"

I open the thread up and it is a yes or no vote poll.  I skip the vote because I really just do not care.  I hit the comments.  After all the comments are what make this so much fun.

I sift through the typical responses from the limp wristed liberals and the bad ass hunting is my life don't fuck with me or I'll shoot your sorry ass wingers.  And then I notice someone has suddenly brought the UN into the question.  Seems this guy, who reloads his own ammo and owns more guns than he can shoot in a month, and must be 8 feet tall with a package he has no need to over compensate for, well this guy, this dedicated packin Winger tells us and I paraphrase:

"I was readin somewhere before the election about how the UN is gonna take away our guns and Obama is going to let them do it.  Not sure what it was called.  Heard a lot about it before the election, but nothing since.  But for sure the UN is gonna go after our guns and why do we even have a Constitution if the UN can take away our guns?"

An image from South Park immediately filled my head.  Jimbo and his gay compadre, Ned.  So from now on, whenever I read a comment from this guy, unfortunately anything he writes will forever conjure up Jimbo in my head.

At least my Sunday is starting off with some hilarity.



jadedj said...

The "they're-going-to-have-to-take-my-gun-out-of-my-cold-dead-hand" crowd is definitely in to this tale. I see this on the internet quite a lot. The only thing they could add to it, to make it even more ridiculous is..."if they take away our guns, only homosexuals will have guns."

Nan said...

If the UN had even 1/1000th of the power the right wing lunatics ascribe to it, I'd be a happy person.

BBC said...

Comments are often the best entertainment on the internut.

They'll never take our guns away, it's just impossible for them to do that. And making ammo sales more difficult won't change much either, would just create another black market. Besides, I already have enough of it to last the rest of my life. Except for black powder for my black powder guns but you can make it if you have too.

Anyway, about the gal I was interested in, she just wants to sit in bars and drink with friends, hell, at least she is honest about it, I damn sure can't knock that.

The Blog Fodder said...

Today is one day after the CT shootings. Still undecided about guns?