Friday, December 14, 2012

Bonehead Alert

12/12/12 was a couple of days ago.  All day long, everyone was making a big deal of it.  Buying lottery tickets based on it.  Somehow betting on the horses also came up.  All over the place, folks ascribed some kind of magical celestial significance to this date.

The Zodiac, planet alignments and orientations were discussed with straight faces.  Sagittarius rising and the moon is on your side conversations. Yeah, many folks got fired up for 12/12/12.  I went through 12/12/12 positive it was just another day on the planet like all the rest.

I was in the kitchen about to sit down to some supper of leftovers, beer, and a yogurt for dessert.  On the Tube, Brian Williams was running through the latest 12/12 wackiness his lackeys had dug up for his daily "lighter news" piece.  I looked at my wife and declared, 'What a bunch of boneheads.  Nothin special about 12/12/12."

My darling wife looked up from her plateful of just barely left over left overs and stared at me.  Her fork had stopped midway on its way from her plate to her mouth.  A twinkle came to her eye.  Yet she said nothing.

"What?"  I was seriously clueless.

She set down her fork on her plate.  She continued to look at me.  A more amused look began to creep from the corners of her mouth and move up to her eyes.

Again, "What?"  Sirens inside began to warm up.  I might be clueless, but years of seeing that look on my lovely wife's face meant she was about to drop the hammer on someone.  And I was the only someone in the room.  I thought hard.  What was I missing, what had I screwed up?.....oh no, I was in need of an clue and there was not a one sitting in the waiting room with their hand raised..  I was about to panic..............................Oh Shit!  Realization was quite the rush.

 The sheepish grin of a bonehead caught in the act of being extremely stupid was all I could muster at first.  I had no words to smooth it over.  Might as well suck it up and take it like the dimwitted guy I was.

"Uh, well I guess 12/12/12 means something after all............. Happy Anniversary Babe."

My sweet wife smiled, "Nothin important huh?"  She picked up her fork and continued feeding her face.

Celebration of our 32nd anniversary was over, and I almost missed it..............once again.  I know I scored no points this time.  I do not deserve any.  But at least I was not reminded I had missed our anniversary a week after the fact.  That's when points, serious points and possibly some skin gets shaved off.



jadedj said...

With you...except, this year, we BOTH forgot it! Ha...vindicated, at last!

Jono said...

I just hate to turn your own words against you, but what a bonehead! Being of perfect memory I can say that.

A Midnight Rider said...

I have a reminder sent to my cell phone and a pop up in my yahoo calender one week before my anniversary.

BBC said...


Ol'Buzzard said...

!t takes ten attaboys to erase one ahhshit - you had better go shopping; or better yet order something through the mail and tell her it was late coming in.
the Ol'Buzzard

The Blog Fodder said...

Good man. "Hallmark" days, as my son calls them, were never much in our family. But they sure are in Tanya's so I learned fast.