Monday, December 03, 2012

Monday Notes

Well I guess Life is back to being the idyllic existence it was prior to the election season.  A white woman across the pond is pregnant.  We can now rest easy knowing the great white monarchy will continue to thrive for at least another generation or two.    Halla - flippin -lou -yah.  Nobody holds onto stupid traditions like white folk.

Congress it seems is back to business as usual.  That is they are once more proving they were hired to do nothing but feed us lip service.  And the Right Wing continues to lead out for this totally useless excuse for a branch of our government.

The tragedy of a Pro athlete dying as the result of a murder/suicide was quickly picked up and turned political by the anti-gun crowd.  Bob Costas even used his sports bully pulpit to editorialize about how much we need gun control now. His claim was  KC linebacker Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend would still be alive had we better gun control laws.

First of all Bob......I hope I can call you Bob because you do not deserve my respect enough to call you Mr Costas.....Anyway Bob, I like my sports on the tube to be politics free.  And even before the bodies have cooled, you immediately turn it from a tragedy to a moment of political opportunism.  Pound sand Bob.  And I mean that literally.

I went to the Dump today.   Played chicken with a crusty old fart pulling up in his plow truck behind me in line at the hopper.  As I stepped toward his rushing plow truck to give me and my truck some space, he had to hit his brakes and screech to a halt about 6 inches from my leg.  We looked hard at each other.  I smiled.  I won this round and he knew it.

Yeah Life seems to be returning to something resembling normal again.  Crusty old farts are again butting heads over stupid encounters instead of politics.  Women are getting pregnant.  And Bob Costas is back to his semi regular op/ed moments of stupidity.  Even better, the Sun's out bright and even warm.  Must be 45'F out there.  T shirt weather..........

Life is beautiful............Later ...........................


Mr. Charleston said...

Dang Crumb. You must be bored if all you can find to do is pick fights at the dump. Ain't there any saloons in your town?

BBC said...

A white woman across the pond is pregnant.

I had noted earlier that he had figured out where to stick his dick.

Got up to about 60 today, even with the fucking rain.

Demeur said...

Oh come on now you know the designated hitter rule is a commie plot. Face it.

Ol'Buzzard said...

Exactly my sentiments.
the Ol'Buzzard