Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

The last moments of 2012 are finally ticking down to the end.  I have to to say, all in all, this was not the greatest year I can remember.  Lots of hate and discontent.  Unresolved issues will continue into the new year.  Broken hearts will stay broken.

Disappointments in the making yet to come are forgotten in these last few moments.  Future events will take care of themselves.  For the next 15 minutes, I will exist the here and now, soon to be that was then and this is when we begin again.

Begin again?  Does something magical happen that we experience a new beginning on the first day of the next year?  ............... Not really I guess.  Yet we still place significance on this night as we  pass from one year to the next. We have chosen  this date to purge the mistakes, sadness, and empty moments of our previous 365 days and replace them with hope for happier moments to come.  The empty moments yet to be are free and clear of guilt or misplaced angst.  The new year is full of nothing but hope and fear.  Only getting on with it will fulfill either.  Yet for at least a few minutes in between last year and the next, we can be happy, pleased, and generally satisfied.    We made it.

Happy New Year !!!


Ol'Buzzard said...

My celebration is that I made it another year - at my age this is a big deal.
I am a bourbon drinker - use to buy it by the gallon.

Plow deep
plan straight
and think good thoughts.
(the Chairman Mao)

the Ol'Buzzard

BBC said...

You have things figured out pretty well, I've been watching things get worse for years and don't see them getting any better in this new year.

I drank a few extra beers last night, and a bit of rum and went to bed about 10:20.

Peaceful paths, be careful, I have no idea what is coming at us but I don't expect it all to be pretty.

Carla Ganiel said...

Happy New Year!

Demeur said...

All things considered looks like you had a busy year from your lack of posts. People around me are dropping like flies and I'm not that old.

At this point for me it's just another X on the calendar.

May you peddle your way into a better new year.

Doc Teri said...

I'm VERY happy to see 2012 firmly out the door and hope for a better 2013...even though it's an arbitrary day, January 1st always seems like a bit of a "restart" opportunity to me. Of course, I've already done about everything I resolved not to do this new year, so maybe I'll have to start looking forward to 2014 now :-)

BBC said...

This evening I watched a bartender ring up a Knob Creek drink on the till, boy, that stuff is expensive in this state. I sure couldn't afford it.

All hard booze in this state has gone way up in price since the idiots here kicked the state out of the liquor sales business, the state retaliated by raising the taxes on it way high, a 12 dollar bottle of booze ends up being over 20 bucks at the till.

Susan Atkin said...

When I saw this contest, I immediately thought of you..

Aquarians Love To Fuck said...

".....The empty moments yet to be are free and clear of guilt or misplaced angst......"

Does this not presuppose that one can properly 'place' angst?


What would properly placed angst look like?

PipeTobacco said...


When shall you ring in 2013? Typically you have been away much of the Summer due to the bike business, but, please do not give up on the writing in its entirety.


PipeTobacco said...


I really do miss your writings! I hope that you will decide to return soon. You are missed in the Blogosphere.