Thursday, December 09, 2010

Random News

At a loss for something to write about, I thought maybe a small bit of fiction would be nice to attempt.  After several minutes staring at the blank page, I decided I was not feeling very fictional this AM.  So I began to roam the highways and byways of Cyberspace.  I stopped for a time to see if something from the world of sports might catch my eye.  Nope.  Same old crap.  NFL, NBA, BCS, MLB - all spewing the same boring stuff.  I can only handle so many stats and twists on games boys play for so long.  Then I need to break away.

So I hit the political part of Cyber town.  The Right was still saying no and the Left were still whining about them saying it.   The only minor difference seems to be wider spread anger aimed at Obama now coming from both sides.  This pleases me.  Maybe he is doing something right after all. 

My next stop was an unexpected layover for a moment or two among the insane of the Entertainment World.  Who's screwing who, who used to screw who, and who will be screwed once they go to court.  Accompanied in the sidebars, images of beautiful people with flashing white teeth caught wearing their sweats and no makeup.  I left shaking my head wondering just why was this part of American culture so captivating to so many.  Who the Hell cares if Palin's daughter was given preferential treatment in some dance contest?  Apparently a good many folks do.  The FCC was inundated with complaints.  What a wacky place.

I stopped wandering around the virtual world.  Went into my real kitchen and refilled my real coffee cup.   I drank from my cup and looked out into the grey Maine morning.  Buster, our 21 pound tom cat, leaped up to the counter next to me.  He placed his massive paw on my arm and flexed his claws.  "Oh, hey there Buster.  Want some lovin huh?"  So I stood there looking out the window, scratching Buster's huge head behind one massive ear while I sipped the cup dry. 

With a fresh cup of coffee, I came back to the office determined to find something worthy to write about.  I google "Random News".  A disappointing series of hits left me with nothing but a US Pizza team, a story about three guys whose lives have to be worse than mine as they punish themselves watching the show "24"  for 86 hours non stop, and a piece about the man who brought us "Barney", the pink dinosaur who now wants to teach kids about, through, or something by the fine art of belching.  I did not open any of thee as they just seemed not even random, just stupid.

And then I saw it.  Outgoing Florida Governor Charlie Crist has secured enough votes from his clemency board to finally pardon Jim Morrison for his indecent exposure conviction that allegedly occurred during a Doors concert in Miami over 40 years ago. 

I saw the Doors earlier that year up in the DC/Baltimore area.  There was no exposure, indecent or otherwise.  I remember no obscenities.  And actually I don't remember much other than being disappointed.  The concert sucked.  The group was going through the motions without emotions.   It seemed that burnout had the group in its clutches.

But then going to concerts back then was not really about music.  It was about being outrageous and breaking rules.  We felt the safety in numbers and passed joints, stripped our clothes off, and flaunted our independence in front of the world.  The Doors were but one of our standard bearers and I could tell at that concert, they were tired of the responsibility, the struggle to constantly be expected to lead our fight against "the man".  In retrospect, had I been paying attention instead of trying to find someone who would sell me a joint, I would have appreciated where the "hippie" movement was headed.  But I was just another punk kid enjoying the moments without any clue of what those moments would lead to.

Anyway, I find it so very humorous that there are people who feel the need to expunge Jim's record.  And if there is an afterlife with souls hanging out watching the world they once existed in, then I guess as the author of the story says, Jim Morrison is smiling right now.  But not because of the pardon, but because anyone even cared enough to follow through with it.



Randal Graves said...

Maybe he is doing something right after all.

72-dimensional chess *is* a reality!

Isn't Morrison the day manager of a Carrefour in a Parisian suburb?

BBC said...

I pretty much don't care who is screwing who as long as someone is getting screwed.

Besides the taxpayers that is.