Sunday, December 05, 2010

More Wasted Bandwidth

So I was fitzing and farting around the Internet the other day.  Surfing no place in particular.  Just following links and punching up whatever site tickled my fancy.  For some reason I decided to punish myself again by taking one of those "free" online IQ tests. 

Took the test.  Answered all 38 questions without cheating.  What would be the point anyway?  There was definitely a couple of head scratchers and I am guessing a few I was sure of but missed completely as I was so sure I had gotten them right.  Some were easily dealt with.  Like the math questions that had odd numbers adding up to an even number.  No need to add them.  If there was an odd number of odd numbers, the answer would be an odd number.  The opposite holds true if there were an even number of odd numbers.  They would end up an even sum.  It was the geometric comtemplation I struggled with the most.  Hexagons, Octagons, and one about a house shaped like a doughnut. 

All in all it took me ten munutes or so.  I ended up with a score of 123.

Now I have never pretended to be of high intelligence.  Good thing too as my tendency to be a dumass shows up on a regular basis.  So, imagine my surprise when I found that 123 sits me solidly in the above average category.

At first I was miffed.  Of the 38 questions I only remembered two I kinda, sorta mighta guessed at.  I was pretty sure I was going to come out of this test maybe not a genius, but pushing it damn hard.  Then I looked at the breakdown of the scores and became happy with my results.  Above average ain't so bad.  Matter of fact, I imagine most of us are more than pleased when we or our efforts are judged by those judging us as being above the norm.  

Now I know this test is not a good barometer of my IQ.  No test is.  Seems to me what we do in our lives and with our lives would be a better indicater of how smart we are.  With this in mind, my LIFE IQ would probably sit solidly "below average".  The only thing keeping me out of the cellar would be my ability against the odds that I would make it this far.  After all, I was voted by several high school friends as the one guy who would not see the new century come in.  I've done some damn stupid shit in my life.  And even though I outgrew most of it, I still pull bonehead moves often enough to question just how much grey matter not crisped and wasted in my cranial void still functions as it was intended to.

Just thought I would share one of the wasted Internet moments that flowed through my life.

See Ya..........................................


The Blog Fodder said...

I'm with the little guy in the picture. If the quiz had any arithmetic, I'm a done duck.

Demeur said...

I think we all did some stupid things back then but then who of your high school friends have made it this far?
A few of my high school friends made it but most are dead now. So it's not just IQ that gets you through life. Maybe it's just dumb luck.

muddleglum said...

I cited this in, in case you need to know where to send the email bombs...